From State Owned Dilapidated Hotel to 5 Star Art Hotel

Something new for Pula?

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 1st of July, 2018, in addition to announcing the sale of Muzila, Saccorgiane and Hidrobaza, the Minister of State Property, Goran Marić, has since discussed the sale of the Riviera Hotel with the Arena Hospitality Group (AHG), during a recent stay of his in Pula. Namely, the Pula hotelier has been trying to solve the question of ownership of a former state-owned building for several years, which is unfortunately, as the story usually goes, sitting in a rather dilapidated state due to the classic tale of unresolved property relations.

Manuela Kraljević, director of sales and marketing at AHG, confirmed to Glas Istre that AHG is indeed interested in buying the aforementioned building, which led to a constructive conversation with the minister, and they are now expecting to receive an offer from the ministry. The question of whether or not the state itself is interested in selling the hotel to AHG was confirmed in Pula by Minister Marić himself.

The resolution of the situation has now practically been announced, within the company itself there are already big plans for this gem of stunning neo-Baroque architecture.

''Within AHG there are three different brands: Park Plaza, art'otel and Arena hotels & apartments, and Riviera is conceived as the first art'otel in Croatia. Due to the limited number of rooms, this would be a sophisticated, highly-styled boutique five-star hotel, the pride of of the city and the country,'' stated Kraljević.