The Next Generation Tesla - Now Is The Time!

As we see monumental changes sweeping the way we use day-to-day technology, it can safely be said that our lives and societies are changing. But this begs the question: What types of changes are they? Many aspects of these changes have us leading over complicated, dysfunctional lives with no concrete sight on utility for the common good of society left. Entire legacies which left us important gifts and tools have been seemingly forgotten in favour of creating mega-businesses focused on profits over people.

One of those legacies belongs to a great name deserving of a place in today’s world: Nikola Tesla. His innovations gave us the opportunity to transform our cultures and lives, yet his name means little today except in reference to a certain electric car company. Some continue to try and understand what Nikola Tesla gifts are to humanity, but a cloak of mystery is surrounding his estate made this difficult. But now, times have changed.

Questions over his family, heirs, and relations continue to arise. Scientists and amateurs continue to decipher drawings and writings, all in an attempt to see what Tesla saw. Now Is The Time for us to share the continuation of his work through his great-great nephew Tomislav Tesla.

Tomislav Tesla is an engineer and innovator, although the best word to describe him is a co-creator! He is based in Serbia and is currently creating a unique fixing for future housing construction. Tomislav breaks complex theories and studies into simple knowledge and wisdom, distilling his knowledge into simple, elegant creations. Today, he applies his knowledge and technique to the ultimate challenge facing mankind today - the environmental vandalism we continually cause.

InnovativegGenius Tomislav Tesla creates cascading Hydro power plant 

After many years of creating ideas and working in a diverse array of fields, Tomislav had the inspiration to take a closer look at generating energy. Throughout history, many have referred to Nikola Tesla’s work and standing in the community. Like Nikola, Tomislav is very adept with an amazing, creative mind filled with engineering expertise. After sufficiently studying energy generation, Tomislav began to explore the vast amounts of water flow at our disposal.

How to harness this energy potential, without causing environmental damage or vandalism? Take everything back to basics, and begin to see the whole picture: These were the two key concepts Tomislav had in mind. Notable, singular innovators have all shared this common quality: The ability to take complex issues and create simple solutions from them that work and stand the test of time. With this mind-set, Tomislav went about to revolutionise the way we generate hydroelectricity.

He began to understand there is no need to build massive dams that cause tremendous environmental damage. There is no need to destroy precious forests or lands or ask communities to relocate. In 2011 he began to design his first turbines and subsequently filed his first patents in 2012.

As any innovator will tell you, filing for patents is a very specific arena and one where innovators are often left with big bills and very little in return. Perhaps this is the best place to pick up our “up close and personal” discussions with Tomislav. We asked Tomislav several questions.

Tomislav, you are an innovator, how will the TeslaStarter platform impact the lives of innovators?

As an innovator, my mind is full of incredible ideas that will play a major role in improving everyone’s life. Some of these ideas are published in my patents, others remain in my mind. When the moment is right they will manifest into drawings and working models. I recognised the potential of the TeslaStarter platform. My advice is to take some time to explore its potential. 

“When TeslaStarter is launched to new innovators, sign up straightaway!” My team introduced me to Teslacoin, I am happy to personally endorse TeslaStarter platform. This offering allows all innovators who wish to explore energy generation access to valuable funding and guidance. Through the various phases of TeslaStarter, innovators will be able to realise the full potential of their own projects. With access to potential Venture Capital (VC) funds, and ongoing debt finance, innovators will be able to tap into a valuable pool of resources. Our common goal is to establish clean energy as the main source of global energy provision; this can be achieved with the launch of TeslaStarter. There is a new space in which innovators can be involved in the future production of electricity generated in harmony with Mother Nature.

What message would you like to share with innovators around the world?

Our future requires technological solutions, which will come from the minds of innovators around the world. Inevitably innovators require financial support to allow them to be free to create their innovations. Unfortunately the current financial system does not support the innovator very well. This can be seen across history, and even through to today. Innovation is essential, therefore the launch of TeslaStarter opens up a new channel to innovators across the world.

I can say that the journey is a long one, but it also begins with the first step; with access to powerful mentors and sources of capital the TeslaStarter platform is the perfect choice. 

With the state of the planet today, and lots of focus on the environment, what is your vision for humanity in the future, and how can we impact that change?

Humanity is a complex issue, which can quite easily be brought to a simple state. I do believe the future requires us to seriously rethink our relationship with Mother Nature. She clearly demonstrates her discomfort with the current human activity. In order to keep it simple, we shall remember that we are one big global community. We are all energy, and we are all effected by what happens around us. It will be important for us to remember how communities live in harmony and peace, to understand what is necessary as individuals.

My own personal innovations will be shared for the common goal – for example my own innovative cascading hydropower plant is anticipated to produce more energy in USA and Canada than all current power plants combined. Unlike USA and Canada where we shall use lowland river ways, in Ireland and UK, energy will be produced from the tidal flows. I would like to emphasis one aspect of my technology that is important to understand. Existing flood plains around Minneapolis tend to take many weeks to ebb to normal levels after flooding. With the installation of my innovative cascading hydropower plant, floods can become be a thing of the past. Flood waters that normally occur between Minneapolis and Bay of Mexico, relying on clever technology and software management, flood waters can be dispersed within 24 hours, averting or minimizing flood damage.

In addition, this opens up river ways to additional or new river freight potential. This has an incredible impact on the environment overall. The biosphere becomes far more enriched, the atmosphere is clean, the rivers are oxygenated, fish stocks flourish, and the public can enjoy a range of water recreation activities they never had before.

There are several other technologies that have been patented, that today will enhance existing dams and reservoirs. Silt build up is a major problem faced, with my innovation we can cleverly clean the existing reservoirs, and generate additional energy from the same source. A unique solution for increasing capacity of existing hydropower plants. There is also a technology that will deliver clean water from a river course, via an undersea revolutionary floating pipeline. This process will enable up to 1000 m3/s of water to be “delivered” to its new location without any additional energy usage. In other words fresh water can be moved from Tasmania to mainland Australia with a zero cost of energy. Future cities will require the utilization of self-sustainable renewable energy. In addition solutions for faster and more efficient transport systems are necessary.

Opening up new shipping routes over the Northern territories of Russia, USA or Canada, using ships that would use innovative new technology that will enable self-propulsion and cut ice, like a knife through butter! It is us as innovators who will create and develop this technology, and with the help of TeslaStarter the world will be a better place!

Nikola Tesla and Free Energy – Tomislav, would you like to elaborate on what this means to you, and how it shall be interpreted the world today?

I am personally convinced that this is more than an opinion of Nikola Tesla about free universal energy. I believe that this is an acknowledgment and realization of the reality (the energy) which surrounds us. By us acknowledging his actions and work today, we also value his perceptions. In essence, everything is connected to the most intimate part of our being. Everything that we can feel, touch and see. Our body has a soul, which aligns us with Mother Nature, and provides us with conscious thoughts with which to decide. Whether we choose to fill our lives with “good” or “bad” things is a reflection of our past and present lives. The same can also be said for any business or entity in the world.

Together we have reached a critical point, where consciousness is shifting; this will allow every person on this planet to choose their direction. Together our actions co-create a consciousness that evolves in line with the actions of the group. This is called the Egregore (The Collective Consciousness). What Nikola Tesla mentions in one of his public addresses “That he is a personal great believer, but those beliefs are not aligned with any of the well-known religions that are today of public interest”, on that note, I will stop!

In closing, Tomislav wants to remind us all that he too has endured the day to day burdens of living in today's society. People’s perceptions are often misguided because of the way media reflects the views of the editor, and not necessarily the reality. He continues to work full-time on his creations in Serbia, from his home office. In early 2017, Tomislav signed a license of technology with UK based True Tesla Technologies.

Having built a small pre-production prototype, successfully submitted patents, it is now time to create the awareness of the technology. Funding has always been an issue for technologies of this nature, particularly those that disrupt existing arrangements. Even the surname “Tesla” does not open doors or grant lines of funding! It is a meticulous process and one that is ongoing.

It is thanks to the great guys of the Teslacoin team that we are able to share our work with like-minded individuals. When the TeslaStarter platform is launched later this year, it really has the potential to become the leading portal for crowdfunding innovative energy projects across the world. That is a real story that is evolving on a daily basis, and one that is going to change the course of history.

TeslaStarter is the missing link for innovators and investors alike. TeslaStarter platform allows innovators to focus on what they love to do, innovate! I have no hesitation in supporting their mission and work as well as thanking them for supporting me and my team too. TeslaStarter will allow investors the opportunity of choosing which projects to support through the various stages.

TeslaStarter will rely on Teslacoin as the chosen method of funding the future of innovative energy projects. Tomislav leaves us with an important message to remember.