Tesla Sustainable Village Project Moving Forward with Extra Momentum

By 28 May 2018

Osijek based True Tesla Technologies recently presented their railway technology at the 5th International Conference of Academics and Engineers in Zadar

On the 16th of May 2018, the 130th anniversary of Nikola Tesla sharing his patents with the IEEE in the United States, Tomislav Tesla and the team took the opportunity to visit Smiljan.

TCN was able to sit down for a short interview with Deane Thomas, Co-Founder of True Tesla Technologies ltd.

1. What experiences did you gain at the conference in Zadar and how does this conference help the TTT project?
This is an interesting question! Our journey to even attend the conference was fraught with communication issues, but we persevered with our goals. Whilst it felt like we had stepped back 25 years into an old school conference get together, we were not deterred in choosing to present in a non-traditional way! Being part of the conference allowed us to show how innovation is a multi-disciplined skillset, and requires a new approach to achieve success. We presented Tomislav Tesla and the technology in a unique way to the group of academics. We are happy to have an open door policy of working with Academia, which was the end result of our experience.

2. What is going be the first step in the realization of the Tesla sustainable village project?
There are many aspects to the project that are running in parallel. Since the signing of the agreement with Tesla Coin, we have been approached by several other interested parties to support their projects. We signed an MOU with Wuji Inc in USA, and have also been invited as energy advisors to a new city in the planning phases in Nevada, USA. We continue to work with local business and commerce in Osijek, and across the whole region. Once we have concluded our fundraising activities, we shall begin to work on the development of the Tesla Sustainable Village. We anticipate this to be towards the end of September this year, with further announcements at that time.

3. How are you satisfied with reactions of the local community?
Our philosophy places the community at the heart of the project, we are very happy with the way we have been welcomed. We shall continue to create awareness of the projects through various platforms. Such as the “Empower Yourself” conference during the Liberty Festival in Osijek at the end of August. Our plans involve the local community, and will enable many to prosper from the joint success of the projects. We look forward to working closely with the local authorities, and community, and to creating an example for others to follow.