Major Infrastructure Projects Approved for Split Agglomeration

By 4 May 2018

ZAGREB, May 4, 2018 - The government on Friday decided to support three large-scale infrastructure projects with an estimated value of almost three billion kuna that would be implemented in Split. Transport and Infrastructure Minister Oleg Butković said that activities would be taken to include the projects in the list of strategic investment projects.

One of those projects is a fast speed railway between the railway station and ferry port to Split airport, as well as the construction of a new central railway station with an estimated value of 1.1 billion kuna, Butković said.

An additional two billion kuna is estimated to be needed for a new multimodal platform for the Solin-Stobreč-Dugi Rat-Omiš, Split agglomeration, which would resolve the problem of the lack of a bypass road in the Split area.

The government also gave the thumbs up for a project for the construction of a new access and exit road from the ferry port and a new exit on the A1 motorway leading to the ferry port. This project is estimated to cost 81 million kuna.

Several other projects were endorsed with the government's conclusions, including a project for the Dračevac barracks to be transformed into a technology park with part of the property being returned to Split-Makarska Catholic Diocese, State Assets Minister Goran Marić explained.

The government also decided to grant about 196,000 square metres on the slopes of Mt Mosor for the construction of apartments for veterans and members of the academic community. Marić estimates that the value of that land amounts to about 49 million kuna.

Environment Protection Minister Tomislav Ćorić explained that the project to rehabilitate the Karepovac landfill would cost 187 million kuna, while the first phase which is currently underway is estimated at 68 million kuna. Ćorić added that the government supported the construction of the Lečevica waste management plant with a value of 592 million kuna.