Citizens with Blocked Bank Accounts Not Happy with Government’s Measures

By 28 April 2018

ZAGREB, April 28, 2018 - The Blokirani association of citizens with blocked bank accounts on Saturday responded to measures the government announced to help them, saying they "expected the government to protect the people and the state, to stop the unprecedented loan-sharking as a result of which the debt is rising 8 million kuna daily and 240 million kuna monthly."

The association said the measures presented yesterday were tantamount to a clearance sale, the disintegration of the state, corruption, non-respect for fundamental international documents, an incitement to economic, legal and social inequality as well as homelessness and absolute poverty.

The measures "will cause a new wave of financial and other forms of state violence," Blokirani said, adding that the government "cynically" stating in the measures' preamble that there were "groups of people without income or with such low income that any seizure is unfeasible."

Blokirani said the measures should be stopped and that, in order to advance democracy, parliament should be prevented from passing laws that were contrary to the interests of a majority of Croatian citizens.