775 Million Euro for Rijeka's Totally New Look

By 23 April 2018

Is Rijeka about to be transformed into an entirely new city? Maybe.

A list of projects for Rijeka, as well as sources of funding and planned implementation deadlines, were presented to a group of journalists at one of the regular press conferences held by Rijeka's longtime mayor, most of them involve the public sector and are related to infrastructure.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 23rd of April, 2018, by the year 2020, over 700 million euro will be invested into the Rijeka area, a fact that has been repeatedly voiced by Rijeka's Mayor Vojko Obersnel, leaving many rightfully wondering if this was merely a catalogue of projects drawn up in the spirit of good wishes, or was a large investment cycle that hasn't been seen in the city of Rijeka for a long time truly on its way.

As Novi List reports, the City of Rijeka explained that in this huge figure, which actually amounts to a massive 775 million euro, the equivalent of about 5.75 billion kuna, everything from public infrastructure investments, state and utility investments, to larger private and urban related projects is included.

With an approaching target date of 2020 in mind, the year when Rijeka will be the European Capital of Culture, there has been an increase in the list of projects, which have been divided into groups depending on their purposes, with the City of Rijeka claiming that the funds have mostly been secured, primarily from European Union funds, with the fact that they're non-refundable being underlined.