Viktor Lenac Shipyard to Overhaul USNS Carson City

April 2, 2018 - USNS Carson City joined its sister ship Trenton at the shipyard in Rijeka

Another American guest dropped by the Viktor Lenac Shipyard in Rijeka, reported Brodovi u Rijeci. USNS Carson City arrived on Friday for an overhaul, continuing the successful cooperation of the Croatian shipyard and the US Navy that started with the annual repair of USNS Trenton, carried out earlier this year.

USNS Carson City is a sister ship to USNS Trenton, sharing the same features such as their length of 103 metres and a width of 29 m. The only difference between the two aluminum catamarans is their age: Trenton entered service in April 2015, while Carson City is a bit younger, having entered service in June 2016.

USNS Carson City arrived to Viktor Lenac for regular annual repair works, similar to those carried out on Trenton which has spent the last 45 days docked at the shipyard.

The overhaul is supposed to start on April 5 and last for 30 days. Carson City will remain at the shipyard in Rijeka until May 15.

In the meantime, USNS Trenton extended its stay at Viktor Lenac and will remain in Rijeka until April 25.