Arriva Deutsche Bahn Invests Another 40 Million Kuna Into Panturist

By 26 March 2018

After taking over Rijeka's Autotrans, the German corporation is also strengthening the Panturist company in Osijek.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 26th of March, 2018, the international corporation Arriva Deutsche Bahn, from Germany, which took over Panturist in Osijek five years ago, intends to significantly increase the company's core capital.

Back in the year 2013, after entering Panturist, Arriva Deutsche Bahn undertook a capital injection of 23 million kuna to capitalise on the bus transport company, raising its share capital to a massive 23.77 million kuna.

With that, it acquired a 99.69 percent ownership share, and now, it intends to further raise capital by issuing new shares for around 40 million kuna.

With the new recapitalisation, Arriva Deutsche Bahn is continuing to strengthen its already considerable presence on the Croatian market, a market on which he company has made more than one big move, having taken over Rijeka's Autotrans around one year ago, in addition to Panturist several years previously.

On this occasion, Arriva has announced that it will focus on strengthening and providing value added services to customers in the Republic of Croatia and Central and Eastern Europe in the forthcoming period.

Since the German entry into Panturist, the fleet of buses is being renewed, and business results are also looking very positive.