Last Month Dubai, Today Stuttgart and Pretoria, Next Stop India: Surf'n'Fries Goes Global

By 15 March 2018

March 15, 2018 - It is arguably Croatia's most successful international franchise, and it keeps on growing. Two more Surf'n'Fries international franchises have opened. And that is just today.

"I sell potatoes," said Andrija Colak in a recent TCN interview, the first focusing on the successful Croatian entrepreneurs who operate successfully in a parallel Croatia to the bureaucratic state version. Read the interview here.

And how! He beat McDonalds into Iran and his unique approach to selling fries has seen his Surf'n'Fries brand growing in popularity and global reach. 

2018 has kicked off with a bang, with new three new locations already open - Dubai last month and both Stuttgart and Pretoria, South Africa, today. In the pipeline later this year are Kuwait, Ireland, Australia and India. TCN caught up with the Rijeka entrepreneur earlier for a quote:


(Surf'n'Fries in Dubai)

"This is the biggest year for us so far, we are working hard on making the brand truly global. It's very exciting, in my wildest dreams I never expected to have stores in both hemispheres.. not to mention India!"

Great news, and I am looking forward to finally meeting young Colak at the Branding Hrvatske conference in Ozalj next month.