New Attacks on Uber Drivers in Zagreb

By 6 February 2016

The life of an Uber taxi driver in Croatia. 

Attacks on Uber personnel by taxi drivers are continuing. The latest attack took place on Thursday night in the city centre, and there was also another attack early Wednesday morning across from the Main Bus Station, reports on February 6, 2016.

"One of my drivers called me on Wednesday at 2 am from Botićev Square across from the Main Bus Station. He told me that he was being attacked by taxi drivers who usually wait at the bus station. Seven or eight of them started insulting my driver and pushing him. They were screaming: 'We will kill you, you will burn to death.' I immediately called the police and all the attackers were identified", said Damir Malora, who has a contract with Uber and has four drivers working for him.

He said that he experienced an unpleasant surprise next day at the police station. "I went to the Eight Police Precinct at Kruge to file a criminal complaint, but the inspector who talked with us said that the attack was just verbal and that therefore they can only file misdemeanour charges for disturbing public order. He said that a criminal complaint can be filed only if there is a physical conflict, which means that someone was supposed to beat up my driver for a criminal complaint to be filed", said Malora.

He said he had contacted a lawyer which is waiting for the police report, and added that such attacks are increasingly common. "They keep attacking us. They download our app so they know where our cars are. They find a Uber driver and do not let him leave the parking lot. We are under attack because we are their competition and they are trying to scare us. However, we are not a taxi service, but we have a contract with Uber just like a rental car service", said Malora.

Zagreb Police Department confirmed that there had been a verbal attack on a Uber driver. "It was not physical, but only a verbal attack. We have filed a misdemeanour complaint against the perpetrator who yelled at the driver and cursed his mother and children", said the Zagreb police.

Another Uber driver who was recently attacked also told us his story. "Around 11.15 pm, three taxi drivers came to my car while I was waiting in the parking lot. They opened all the doors and told me to get out. I said I would not do that, and then they said they would call customs officials. They stood in front of my car so I could not move. When customs officials arrived, they took my personal information and let me go", said the driver who wished to remain anonymous. He said that he did not do anything illegal, but that taxi drivers have threatened him there would be more such interventions.

Uber is shocked by the attacks. "For us, it is unacceptable that there are threats to driver safety. Police are investigating the incidents and we will cooperate fully with them. Uber in Croatia wants to provide flexible economic opportunities to partner drivers who enjoy our full support. We will always stand together with them, and whatever the problem, violence is never a solution", said Uber Croatia.