Marina in Vela Luka Worth HRK 47 Million Begins with Construction

By 20 September 2017

With the bureaucracy taken care of, the construction of the marina in Vela Luka can finally begin.

Dubrovnik-Neretva County prefect Nikola Dobroslavić has signed a concession agreement with the director of Ovalis Nova d.o.o. Ivo Šegon from Vela Luka, whereby the Dubrovnik-Neretva County granted the right to use the special-purpose port (port of nautical tourism), i.e. the marina in Vela Luka for economic purposes. On the same occasion, the director of the County Port Authority of Vela Luka Boris Žuvela signed a contract with the concessionaire representative Ivo Šegon on the execution of works on public infrastructure, reports on September 20, 2017. 

With the signing of these contracts, the project for the design and construction of the marina in Vela Luka, which has the capacity of up to 200 berths, has started with the realization. The value of the project is estimated at 47 million kunas, while the concession fee is 285,285 kunas, increased by an average of 4.1% of the annual income. It is interesting to note that the project will be carried out in two phases, of which one worth HRK 31 million includes the construction of the marina itself, and the second worth around HRK 15 million involves the reconstruction of the area under the Port Authority, necessary for the construction of the marina.

"By adopting the decision on granting the concession to the Ovalis Nova company, passed by the County Assembly, we continue with the series of granting concessions on maritime domains. We have recently signed a contract for the marina in Lumbarda, we are also preparing for the same in Blato, and I hope the state will also swiftly end the procedures for the marinas in Ploče and Lastovo, seeing that the marinas over 200 berths are within their jurisdiction," said Prefect of Nikola Dobroslavić, adding that he believed that this is the best way to make use of the maritime domain, which is one of our greatest resources. "As we have done so far, we will approach this seriously and responsibly. We are collecting the highest amount of compensation fees in Croatia, which are then shared into three parts - to the county, local authorities and the government."

Director of the County Port Authority of Vela Luka Boris Žuvela expressed satisfaction with the signing of these contracts and stressed that the realization of this project is very important for the entire Vela Luka municipality and that the marina will certainly contribute to the development of tourism, small and medium entrepreneurship. The director of the company Ovalis Nova, Ivo Šegon, spoke about the significant impact of this project on the development of the municipality and economy in the Vela Luka area as well as the whole island. He also said that he was pleased that this lengthy concession procedure was finally completed so that concrete work of the new marina project could start.



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