Croatian Teran Wine no Longer Welcome in Slovenia

By 16 September 2017

The sale of Teran wine from the Croatian Istria is prohibited in Slovenia from Friday, judging by the statement of the Teran producers association President Marjan Colja

“We have protected our Teran in all of Slovenia with a collective brand mark,” said Colja. “This means that Croatian producers of Teran wine will not be able to sell their wine here under that name as it was not made under our Law on Wine,” said Colja and commended Slovenian deputy prime ministers Karl Erjavec and Dejan Židan for their efforts in protecting Slovenian Teran in Europe and the world, Večernji List published on September 15, 2017.

Slovenian inspectors have confiscated shipments of Istrian Teran on several occasions, at organised tastings and promotional fairs, claiming the Slovenian Teran was protected as a wine with special geographic origin before Croatia entered the European Union. “We believe the collective brand mark will secure the right to exclusive sale of our true Teran in Slovenia, and in the coming months the whole of Europe,” added Colja.

The European Commission issued a delegated act several months ago, allowing the sale of Croatian Teran in Europe, but the dispute between Slovenia, Croatia and the European Commission continues, as Slovenia filed a lawsuit against the EC with the European Court, expecting it to dismiss the EC act as invalid. Agriculture Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Dejan Židan accused Commission officials of bartering “under the table” with Croatia at the expense of Slovenia and its wines.

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