Marina on Sveta Katarina Islet Begins with Construction

By 14 September 2017

After a lot of legal and bureaucratical issues, the construction of the marina on the islet of Sv. Katarina in Pula finally starts.


The Kermas investment company founded by the entrepreneur Danko Končar, has been granted a construction permit for the first phase of the construction of the marina on the island of Sveta Katarina (St. Catherine), which will also mark the start of the realization of a huge project called Brijuni Riviera that plans to boost and take Istrian tourism to another level, reports on September 13, 2017.

After a long process of granting concession and unexpected twists and turns, including a legal issue with the sunken ship in the area of the former military estate, which has culminated in the postponement of the construction, the investor can now finally begin with the work.

"We have obtained a construction permit to build the first phase of the project at St. Catherine island and Monumenti Bay, which includes the construction of a marina on a narrow piece of the coast along the Monumenti Bay on the island of St. Catherine and the reconstruction of the bridge, which will be done first. After having first consulted restorers and all competent authorities, we have been granted a construction permit relatively quickly," says Barbara Peruško from Coin company which has been monitoring the Kermas company's investment.

Construction permit was requested in May last year.

"We have done a lot in a year. There has been talk that we might lose the concession, but now we are finally ready to start buidling. We have already requested and paid for the temporary electricity and water connections, which is the first step in starting with the construction. The power connection should have been set up this Tuesday, while the public water supply system will announce a tender for building a permanent water connection in the next few days," says Peruško.


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