Vekselberg to Build Accommodation for Future Belvedere Hotel Staff

By 9 September 2017

Things are moving in the right direction for the future Belvedere Hotel in Dubrovnik!

As Dubrovacki Dnevnik reports on the 9th of September, 2017, the much anticipated and (very) long time coming future Belvedere Hotel, to be constructed on the site of the now neglected and dilapidated former Belvedere Hotel, which was heavily damaged during the Homeland War, is expected to be open in time for 2019's summer season.

The announcement of a new in a specially-designed hotel for Belvedere's staff is expected, given that Russian investor Viktor Vekselberg decided to invest in not only a well known hotel and its subsequent renovation, but also in the necessary accommodation facilities for seasonal workers.

"It is true that it was decided to build special workforce capacities and at this moment we're looking for a suitable location or building where such accommodation could be organised. We've already sent a request to the Dubrovnik City authorities to offer us some real estate or land," Davor Štern stated.

As Štern had previously explained, the Belvedere Hotel is expecting to employ approximately 120 workers, of which a good part will come from Dubrovnik itself, but for those coming from elsewhere, the company will see that the question of suitable accommodation is properly solved.

"That is of importance with high end hotels. It is important for workers to stay relatively close to the hotel and not have to travel a lot to get to work'' he said, adding that he is currently considering several different locations in Dubrovnik.

Works on the old Belvedere Hotel should begin in late autumn this year.


Translated from Dubrovacki Dnevnik