European Union has Approved 32 Projects Worth 3.2 Billion Kuna

By 8 September 2017

Huge sums of money and many praiseworthy investments and projects.

As Poslovni Dnevnik reports on the 8th of September, 2017, owing to EU funds, Croatia has seen 32 projects totaling 3.2 billion HRK approved. This was stated by Oleg Butković, Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure, at the ''Achievements, Results and Outlook for the Future" conference which was held in Dubrovnik yesterday.

"Connecting Europe is still one of a series of instruments we use to fund projects that are in line with the priorities of the transport policies of both Croatia and the European Union," Butković stated, noting that these funds are cofinancing the preparation of documentation, construction, reconstruction and the modernisation of transport infrastructure, as well as the overall improvement of transport services.

Railroads have been getting a particular boost, and some of the projects funded from the Connecting Europe Instrument are the reconstruction of the Rijeka - Brajdica railway station and the construction of the intermodal terminal at the Brajdica container terminal, the reconstruction of the existing and construction of the railway track (Križevci - Koprivnica), the state border and many other similar projects in various locations across the country.

The two-day conference in Dubrovnik, which brought together EU representatives from across the transport sector, representatives of relevant institutions, ministries and state companies carrying out these projects, as well as representatives of the Executive Agency for Innovation and Networking, and the European Commission's Directorate for Mobility and Transport, was an opportunity to open up a professional debate on the future development of the European Union and to exchange experience in implementing projects with numerous other EU member states.


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