Dubrovnik's Future ''New Belvedere'' Hotel Could Host G8 Leaders!

By 18 August 2017

From ruins to riches.

Although the highest level of categorisation one can reach in Croatia is five stars, this hotel will be positioned at a much higher level, says Davor Štern.

As Poslovni Dnevnik reports on the 18th of August, 2017, after his decision to cancel his investment in Dubrovnik's famed Hotel Belvedere, Russian investor Viktor Vekselberg plans to build the most luxurious hotel in Croatia by 2020, the new Dubrovnik hotel will be able to host the highest level of economic and governmental gatherings due to its beauty, level and location.

The announcement is that there will be an investment worth 120/150 million euros in an ''82 key hotel'', which equals about 1.5 million euros per key, and exceeds the demands of the most luxurious hotel brands in the world, at a standard of a 7-star bar.

2019 is the goal. Davor Štern, a consultant in Vekselberg's company (Vila Larus) revealed to Poslovni Dnevnik that if all the necessary paperwork is completed within the planned deadline, the demolition of the old Belvedere hotel facility is pending for this winter, and the new hotel should be completed by the end of 2019 if everything stays on track.

"Despite the fact that according to the official categorisation in Croatia we can only reach [a maximum of] five stars, this hotel will have a market of much higher level, so this investment will be significant for Dubrovnik, as it will help it turn to the highest luxury in the tourism and hotel business. A hotel that, due to its isolated location, has a level of luxury that can host state/governmental gatherings, such as G8 leaders, for example, which could see it become the new Brijuni,'' explained Štern.

Štern reveals that he is not planning to cooperate with international hotel brands because the investor already has the know-how in managing such facilities. Vekselberg is the owner of the luxurious Ville Feltrinelli at Lake Garda in Italy, therefore experience, as well as the level of education and training of employees is planned to be transferred over to Dubrovnik.

The hotel will employ around 120 people, who will have to have top-level education and training in accordance with the high standards of such a facility.

If you'd like to see how the new hotel will look, click here.


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