Camp Sites With 12% More Overnights Expect Best Year So Far!

By 16 August 2017

The increase in overall quality in Croatian camp sites has naturally resulted in higher prices, but in comparison with other countries, they're still competitive.

As Poslovni Dnevnik reports on the 16th of August, 2017, the Croatian camping sector expects to see 2017's overnight stay figures top last 2016's 17.2 million, which has been their best year so far, and the promising facts clearly show that by the middle of August this year, Croatian camps achieved almost 12 percent more overnight stays than they did last year.

"The results from the camps this year are very good. From the opening of the camping season, in the early spring to mid-August, there were almost 12 percent more overnight stays than there were last year, and we expect this to be a very good season, with some camps intending to work for longer than last year, to the end of October, we believe that this year will be the best so far!'' emphasises Adriano Palman, the director of the KUH office of the Croatian Camping Association.

It should also be emphasised that annually in Croatia, at least one camp decides to work the year round, and today there are 13 of the sort. According to Palman, this results in an increasing number of guests arriving not only for the sun and the sea in the height of the summer season, but also during the pre and post seasons when it is cooler and not as busy, to enjoy the nature, the gastronomy, to experience both natural and cultural sights, and to engage in various sports activities and more.

Many Croatian camps are increasingly contributing to a substantial expansion of their wide tourist offer, especially when it comes to accommodation where tourists can stay even during unfavourable weather conditions, such as glamping or mobile homes.

"Unfortunately, due to the lack of people who do camp, but also owing to the economic situation in the country, the number of Croatian tourists in our camps is very small, so only about 70,000 arrivals and about 440,000 overnight stays are registered annually, which is slightly more than 2% of the total camping achievements'' says Palman.

The increase in the quality of Croatian camps has also led to higher prices, but when compared to prices in some other countries, Croatia is more than competitive.


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