Another Entry in Croatian Electric Vehicles Industry

By 12 June 2017

Dok-Ing has secretly developed a range of electric vehicles.

The world's most successful manufacturer of robotic demining vehicles wants to continue its expansion in the electric vehicles industry. The Zagreb-based company Dok-Ing introduced the first Croatian electric car, XD Concept, eight years ago, and later launched a more up to date model, reports on June 12, 2017.

But, while the search for investors continues, Dok-Ing has secretly developed a whole range of electric vehicles. The company, owned by innovator Vjekoslav Majetić, is working on a new model of electric passenger car bearing the temporary name YD. Also, it has developed a multifunctional cargo truck of smaller dimensions called Tom Tom. There is also the first Croatian electric motorcycle under the Core brand. The Dok-Ing factory has also developed a jeep running on an electric motor.

The wide range of products offered is bringing good results. Dok-Ing has begun selling a larger number of electric motorcycles. The company has a partnership agreement with a Spanish partner for the assembly, processing, and distribution of electric motors called Core. Unofficially, there are rumours about demand existing for more than a thousand electric motorcycles in Croatia. “These are commercial means of transportation that we have been developing in the past two years, primarily to serve in the delivery of mail, pizzas, fast food and for similar purposes, for which corporations are quite interested since these bikes are top products,” says Majetić.

The first Croatian electric motorcycle has computer guidance and comes in two versions: with autonomies of 50 kilometers and 110 kilometers, depending on the price and the needs of the buyer.

Another electric vehicle that could bring market success is the Tom Tom. It is a smaller, multifunctional electric truck. The vehicle has a cabin for two people, and it can be equipped with modules for delivery, waste disposal, fire-fighting equipment, cranes and even passenger transportation. The vehicle should have the autonomy of up to a hundred kilometers in an urban environment.

“I expect it will be very interesting for Dalmatian towns for various purposes,” says Majetić. The interest in Tom Tom already exists abroad, which is not surprising given the awards that this product has won in recent months. Tom Tom has brought two prestigious awards from Hong Kong and Taiwan: the Grand Prix and the Golden Medal of Innovation. “We are currently negotiating the export of Tom Tom, and one multinational company wants to use it to deliver its products quickly in busy environments,” adds Majetić.

Dok-Ing is also preparing to introduce the YD electric passenger vehicle. “We have learned so much from the previous XD model, and that is why we are now working on the next model. The new design has already been developed, and now we are working on the financing so that we can make a prototype series. YD will be a personal electric car. It will be modern and advanced like the XD, with four seats and three doors and a standard steering wheel,” says Majetić.

He adds they have many plans and ideas and they are currently working on 30 different development projects. The key for everything is financing. “We are in constant negotiations with investors, but there are no specific agreements. To start the serial production of a passenger car, we have to finance the construction of a factory. I do not want to do this without an investor,” says Majetić.

He is proud to say that he is the first Croatian electric car maker to sell his product in Croatia. “We have sold two XDs. The first was bought by the Faculty of Electric Engineering and Computing, and the second was handed over to the Technical Museum in Zagreb, which then decided to buy it. We have produced two more XDs which we use for our needs,” concludes Majetić.