Croatia and Slovenia to Submit Joint Proposal to Protect Istrian Olive Oil

Croatia and Slovenia are planning to submit a joint application for EU Protected designation of origin (PDO) for Istrian olive oil, reported Slobodna Dalmacija on May 4th 2017.

Ten years ago, Slovenian olive oil producers obtained the PDO status for their products under the name of "extra-virgin olive oil of Slovenian Istria". The new proposal for the joint PDO status would enable olive growers and olive oil producers on both sides of the border to label their products as "made in Istria".

"The joint PDO of Istrian olive oils would present an opportunity for shared promotion, warranting economic benefits for Istrian olive oil makers", said Milena Bučar Miklavčić, head of the Slovenian olive oil makers association.

Slovenian newspaper "Primorske novice" published an article on the matter, stating the initiative represents a remarkable accomplishment for Istrian agriculturists who decided to rise above politics in order to achieve a shared goal. One only needs to think of the recent dispute over Terrano to be reminded that quarreling over shared natural resources does more harm than good to both sides.