Looking for a Taxi During Ultra Europe? It's Uber, Baby

By 29 April 2016

Are we to expect riots from Split cab drivers this summer?

Fresh from our interview with Uber Croatia earlier today, a rather interesting update... 

Yes it's unofficial,  but it came from a very reliable source on 29 April, 2016. Uber,  already an Ultra Music Festival global partner,  is finalising negotiations with Ultra Europe to become the official transfer service during Ultra Europe in Split this summer. 

Though this is great news for end users considering the insane prices thrown around by taxi drivers from Split and Kastela during this festival when a simple ride from Split to the airport could sometimes sent you back 500 kn, I am sure All it and Kastela cab drivers will not take this news lightly. 

It's a well known fact that Split and Kastela cabbies are better protected than some endangered species since no other cab company apart from Radio Taxi was allowed near this area for decades, but with this level contract they will have to seriously rethink their prices and business policies.

We hope this news will be officially confirmed soon.