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Captain Andro Bušlje, Maro Joković, Luka Lončar Retire from Croatia Water Polo

October 19, 2021 - The Croatia water polo team will look slightly different moving forward, as captain Andro Bušlje, co-captain Maro Joković, and center Luka Lončar retire from the national team. 

In the last two national water polo competitions, Croatia had one of the oldest national teams. At the European Championships in Budapest in January 2020, the Barracudas were the second most senior national team with an average of 29.4 years (behind Serbia, 30.7 years). At the Olympic Games in Tokyo in August this year, Croatia reached the top with an average of 31 years and 77 days or slightly ahead of Serbia with 30 years and 325 days, reported HVS.

It was thus clear that the team would need to be rejuvenated; it was inevitable that some players would retire. 

The oldest Croatia player, Xavi Garcia (38), announced he would end his playing career at the Olympic Games. During the tournament in Japan, national team captain Andro Bušlje told reporters that he was probably saying goodbye to the national team. After returning from Tokyo, it was agreed in principle that after a short time, the coach would talk to the players, especially the seniors, and discuss how the team would look entering a new Olympic cycle. Now, two and a half months after Tokyo, it has all become clear. 

"Along with Xavi Garcia, who finished playing water polo, and Paulo Obradović, who also finished his Croatia career after Tokyo, captain Andro Bušlje, co-captain Maro Joković, and center Luka Lončar said goodbye to the national team. I still left a slightly open option with Joković and Lončar to make them available in some situations if required, but in principle, it is their decision. I still have to go to Belgrade in the next few days and talk to Josip Vrlić," said coach Ivica Tucak in an interview with Sportske Novosti. 

“These are simply players who have given everything as far as the national team is concerned, which at certain years are tired, saturated and we have to look to the future. We need to move in a new direction. I have always said that the national team's doors will be forever open for some possible corrections if we see that we are thin in some positions or do not have appropriate solutions. However, we need to turn things around. We can no longer go further with people who are 35-38 years old. It doesn't work anymore. Not that we can't, but they can't either. That is inevitable in every sport, but I am not pessimistic. It will take a clear bit of time and patience to sort this out. We already have some players from before, we are counting on them, and now we are going to join new ones," adds Tucak. 

The Croatia coach also indicated some players who are returning to the team. 

“What is certain is that Ivan Krapić is returning to the national team. I had a conversation with him. With his energy, work, and professional qualities, he can offer a lot, give to this national team," says Tucak about the center that formed a tandem with Luka Lončar at the World Championships in Budapest in 2017, when Croatia won the world title for the second time.

“Rino Burić, Marko Žuvela, Franko Lazić. These guys have to get a chance and deserve it with their games in their clubs. With those who will remain like Fatović, Bukić, Vukičević, Bijač, Marcelić, Macan, Benić… and then Kharkov. These are all players who play significant roles in their clubs; they also play in the Champions League. We are also following the young center Lovro Paparić, the slightly older Luka Lozina, both of whom play in Greece, and then Antonio Dužević at Jadran. I am also counting on Jerko Marinić Kragić. He is 30 years old, but he is a player I have been following since 2008, from the junior national team. He is one of the leading players for Jadran today. He deserves to be in the national team, and if he wins a spot, it will be seen through the preparations," said Tucak.

In addition, the national team staff also changed. Tucak's assistants are no longer Mile Smodlaka and Sandro Sukno, who lead big clubs Jadran and Pro Recco. Especially in this challenging and long 2021/22 season, in which clubs will be forced to suspend national and European club competitions in the spring of 2022 due to national team preparations and appearances at the World Cup in Fukuoka, and then immediately resume matches, so that the summer is used to prepare for the European Championship in Split.

“My first assistant will be Zoran Bajić, the coach of Mladost because he will have slightly fewer obligations with his club than the duo so far. Furthermore, I want to include Fran Vićan and Renc Posinković in my work with goalkeepers. This will be a novelty because not only will they be goalkeeping coaches, but they will also sit with me on the bench during matches, and they will communicate with the goalkeepers; they will be in charge of changing the goalkeepers and the like. Whether the goalkeeper's coach will be Vićan or Posinković, we will see from their obligations. I will certainly include Jura Marelja, the coach of Solaris, in the work of the national team, for one part of the preparations," said Tucak. 

In early November, coach Tucak should soon announce the list of national team players for the first, short-term preparations (2-3 days). In the middle of next month, the European club champion Pro Recco will arrive in Zagreb for 4-5 days to train with the Croatia national team. Finally, towards the end of this calendar year, Italy should arrive in Zagreb before Croatia travels to Belgrade for preparations with Serbia in the first days of January 2022. 

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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Ghost Gear: One Ton of Fishing Waste Removed from Lastovo Seabed

October 19, 2021 - A ton of fishing waste was removed from the Lastovo seabed in an action that successfully cleaned 23 locations. 

Every year, about a million tons of 'phantom' fishing gear end up in the seas, which take up to six years to decompose. Thus, the Adriatic Sea, as part of the Mediterranean Sea, which is considered one of the most polluted globally, becomes a graveyard of plastic.


Marko Frlan

The Mediterranean Sea is known as one of the most polluted globally, with as much as 95% of plastic waste in the sea and on beaches. Consequently, the Adriatic Sea is under siege by plastics. As much as 50% of all waste from marine sources relates to leftover, lost, abandoned fishing gear or 'phantom fishing gear.' To raise awareness of this burning problem, but primarily to clean the seabed itself, the World Conservation Organization WWF organized an action to clean the Lastovo seabed of phantom fishing gear. In a few days, about a ton of material was removed.

Fabijan Peronja from WWF Adria explains how fishing tools kill life in the sea and harm all of us because they fail to decompose even in 600 years.


Neven Marinic

"After fishers lose them, phantom fishing gear has its hunting function for decades to come. Fish, crabs, dolphins, sea turtles, and other marine organisms become entangled in nets, from which they can hardly get out and die in agony. Moreover, there is a big problem with the nets themselves: when they break down, they do not disappear but turn into microplastics that end up in our organisms through food, air, or water," says Peronja.

In addition to the sea creatures that perish in them, abandoned nets also damage fishers. This is a considerable financial expense because a network of about two hundred meters costs a minimum of 3,500 kuna. An additional problem is that this fishing gear can damage new nets and reduce fisher’s catches due to the hunting function they still have.


Neven Marinic

"The cooperation of fishers and divers is essential because it allows the net to be removed from the sea soon after it is lost. However, this way of working is not profitable due to the cost of diving, which, depending on the depth of the sea and location, is almost equal to the cost of the new net," explains Peronja and adds that as many as 30 different locations contaminated with fishing tools were mapped on Lastovo, of which 23 sites have been successfully cleared of nearly a ton of fishing gear.


Marko Frlan

"The work is not even close because the deadliest form of plastic pollution is everywhere, and we should find a model of cooperation for cleaning other locations and find a way to do it regularly. We believe that the business sector could help us achieve such cooperation and participate in nature protection in a way that is positive for the state of the sea and for the people who depend on it," concludes Peronja.


Ante Guic

WWF carried out the Lastovo cleaning action through its project "Ghost gear," in cooperation with the Lastovo diving centers Ankora and Ronilački raj and the Zagreb diving club DPS Zagreb. Abandoned nets and other forgotten fishing tools have significant environmental, economic, and social consequences for marine organisms, fishers, all those who live by the sea, and each of us.

See how the underwater cleaning campaign went in the video below:


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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Adria Business Network 17 Features Entrepreneurship and AI with Dražen Oreščanin

October 19, 2021 - Adria Business Network 17 will be held on October 27 with entrepreneur Dražen Oreščanin.

Adria Business Network is entering its third season and is proud of their 17th edition, organized by successful entrepreneurs Željka Barišić, owner of Forca Digital Agency (www.forcadigitalagency.com), and Lee Kosović, owner of LOL Event Management (www.lol.hr). Guests will also be able to follow current moderator Kristina Krstinić in the role of a lecturer and consultant for EU funds on their new EU Business Brunch platform.

The first Adria Business Network event this season will take place on October 27, 2021, at 6 pm at Aspira High School, Heinzelova 62a, Zagreb.

In the first part of the event, the guest is Dražen Oreščanin, one of the three founders and partners in the company Poslovna inteligencija, a leading implementer of analytical IT systems in Croatia and the region with almost 150 employees in Croatia and branches in Serbia, Montenegro, BiH, UK, Austria, and Slovenia. Since the founding of the company in 2001, he has been the Director of Strategy and Development, and since 2010 he has been the President of the Management Board. He is responsible for the development of new markets, the realization and development of relationships with strategic partners, and the development of new products and services. He participates in the most complex projects in the role of enterprise architect with clients such as Hrvatski telekom, A1 Hrvatska, United Grupa, Crnogorski telekom, Telenor, Telekom Slovenije, Tisak and many others. In 2011, he completed a postgraduate study of applied computing at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, which earned him the title of Master of Science. He is currently attending doctoral studies. From 2013 to 2015, he was a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Croatian Independent Software Exporters CISEx. He is one of the initiators and the Executive Director of the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association and one of the initiators and mentors in the BIRD Incubator.

The second part of the event follows with a personal presentation from all participants with a one-minute pitch.

Finally, in an informal gathering with quality sponsor wines, everyone present will have the opportunity to share experiences with other participants.

The number of places is limited, and you can secure your place on time, by registering via the link https://www.entrio.hr/event/adria-business-network-17-9964
The diamond partner of the event is A1. The silver sponsor is ManpowerGroup. The event is sponsored by the Bagatin Polyclinic and the Aspira High School. Partners are Vladimir Abicic Photography, Kupovino Vino - Kupilek, Valenta Wines, and Planet Art Theater.

The media partners of the event are the magazine and portal Poduzetnik, the magazine and portal Zaposlena, Netokracija, She.hr, Zagrebonline.hr, Rep.hr, Glas Istre, Flash.hr, Moja Domovina, Total Croatia News, Fama, ZgExpress, Akademija Art and Radio 92 FM.

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Monday, 18 October 2021

Dubrovnik Digital Nomads-in-Residence 6 Months On: Charlie Brown

October 18, 2021 - In April this year, 10 digital nomads from all over the world came together for the inaugural Dubrovnik Digital Nomads-in-Residence (DNIR) program. As part of European Freelancer Week 2021, TCN catches up with some of them 6 months on, starting with Charlie Brown from Wales. 

A year ago, the city of Dubrovnik held the first-ever digital nomad conference in Croatia - Dubrovnik for Digital Nomads - as part of European Freelancer Week. The city has made great strides advancing its DN credentials and strategy, thanks in part to the award-winning Dubrovnik Digital Nomads-in-Residence program, which ran from April 23 - May 23. 


Far from forgetting Croatia, several of the DNIRs have been very active in Croatia. None more so that Charlie Brown, who together with husband Sam, have been enjoying a lot more of Croatia and its excellent wines, as well as representing the Extra Virgin Digital Nomads at the 4th Olive Picking World Championships on Brac last week. TCN caught up with Charlie to reflect on all things nomaddy 6 months on. 

1. It is 6 months since you arrived in Dubrovnik for the Dubrovnik Digital Nomads-in-Residence program. Firstly, a brief look back at that month. How was it for you, and how did it change your perceptions of Dubrovnik as a nomad destination?

It was excellent, on many levels. It was such an exciting project to be a part of, from meeting other digital nomads to learning more about Croatia and the untapped potential for remote workers. Dubrovnik was to be honest, never on my list of destinations to visit as a digital nomad, but that has changed. During my month I found it filled with excellent people, excellent experiences and beautiful scenery. 


2.  Have you kept in touch with others from the project? Spent any more time in Croatia?

Yes! In fact I just spent a week with two of them in Split and I saw another every week during a month in Barcelona. 

And yes, I've spent a lot more time in Croatia; Hvar and Zadar straight after the program, and I returned to Split in September. I'm heading to Zagreb next week and Istria a couple of weeks after that; it seems I want to explore every nook and cranny (and with the islands, there are a lot of them) of this country.


3. It seems that a lot has been happening in the DN scene in the last few months since the program. Zagreb Digital Nomad Week, Digital Nomad Valley Zagreb, the Cross Border Coworking Conference in Budva, Croatia performing strongly in the Nomad List 2021 survey. What changes have you noticed since arriving in Dubrovnik back in April?

That there is more hunger than ever to attract digital nomads. I was part of the Cross Border Coworking Conference in Budva, Montenegro and it was amazing to see and hear what other countries are doing to appeal to digital nomads, not just DN visas but also welcoming communities, co-living situations and co-working spaces. I was also delighted to hear about how Dubrovnik has implemented our recommendations, from opening new co-working spaces to DN-friendly accommodation.


4. Have you noticed any change in the way Croatia is talked about in the global DN groups you engage with online? In what way if yes?

I see it crop up as a recommended destination more and more. Reasons are usually amazing scenery, good value, particularly as we head towards winter, and friendly people. 


5. What would you say are the key next steps for Dubrovnik on this journey, and for Croatia as a whole

I always think this time of year is an excellent time for Croatia to be attracting DNs. so in the very short term, I would make the most of that. Accommodation is cheaper and more plentiful, there is hiking, skiing, and other outdoor pursuits to be done and the opportunity to rest and re-charge in the quietness of the winter. Beyond that, continuing to build on things DNs want and need. Good quality and value accommodation (it's great to see DNA Stay has just launched), building communities, and co-working.


6. Your favourite memory/experience from DNIR, and when do expect that Dubrovnik will see you next?

There were a few post-beer nighttime swims that were pretty awesome. And just being able to socialize with a like-minded group of people - the first time most of us had been able to do that in a sustained way for over a year. I will be back in Croatia in Spring 2022, and Dubrovnik will for sure be seeing a bit more of me!


Charlie and Sam were part of a very international and all DNIR extra virgin digital nomad team which came a creditable 5th at this year's world championship. They were joined by fellow DNIRs Alyssa from California, Rob from the Netherlands, and coach Tanja from Australia.

If you are in Split on Wednesday and want to see if Charlie really can drink that much wine, she and Sam are doing what promises to be a fun presentation about life on the road at Zinfandel. More details here


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Monday, 18 October 2021

A Pregnant Woman from Sarajevo Treated in Zagreb Infectious Hospital

October 18, 2021 - Sometimes it seems that we only read the bad news about the relations between the neighbours in the region. This story, however, proves all the negativity wrong and shows that humanity comes first when saving lives after all.

A pregnant woman, born in 1989, 19/20 weeks pregnant, was infected with COVID-19 in Sarajevo and developed the most serious type of COVID-19 infection, the acute respiratory stress syndrome. The doctors in Sarajevo told the story to Slobodna Dalmacija and Večernji list, stressing how they were practically unable to help her, as her condition was rapidly worsening and they didn't have an ECMO machine available to help her. Her pregnancy is currently at the stage where the unborn baby is not viable yet.

The ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) machine is often called the "artificial lungs", and it helps patients recover by doing most of the work performed by the heart and the lungs in a healthy individual. That way, the patients suffering from serious lung damage can get more time for their organisms to fight the virus (or the bacteria or any other cause) which is causing the damage, in this case - the coronavirus. And COVID-19 is also the reason why the patient needed to be transported to Zagreb, because the only ECMO in Sarajevo was already helping another COVID patient. Luckily, Zagreb Infectious disease hospital "dr. Fran Mihaljević" was ready to accept the patient, and she was transported in a helicopter from the Republic of Srpska army, adding another layer to the obvious dedication to the humanity of everyone involved.

Prof. Ismet Gavrankapetanović, MD, who spoke to Croatian media about the situation, said that from what he knows, the patient's situation is currently stable and that the doctors in the Zagreb infectious hospital are doing everything they can to save both her and her unborn baby.

Monday, 18 October 2021

ZSE Indices Decrease Slightly Amid Increased Turnover

ZAGREB, 18 Oct 2021 - The main Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE) fell on Monday amid increased turnover, with the Crobex dropping by 0.26% to 2,042.40 points and the Crobex10 decreasing by 0.14% to 1,244.38 points.

Regular turnover amounted to HRK 9.6 million, or HRK 3.5 million more than on Friday.

The highest turnover, of HRK 2.3 million, was generated by the stock of the Tankerska Next Generation shipping company. Its price dropped by 1.41% to HRK 42 per share. That was the only stock to cross the million kuna mark in turnover.

(€1 = HRK 7.511955)

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Monday, 18 October 2021

Publication "Poverty - A Stain on the Conscience of the Mankind" Presented

ZAGREB, 18 Oct 2021 - On the occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, the MoSt association from Split on Monday presented the publication "Poverty - A Stain on the Conscience of the Mankind - Review of the Framework and Possibilities for Eradicating Poverty in Croatia."

The author of the book is Đordana Barbarić and the author of the photographs is Leo Lendić.

At the presentation, it was underscored that the publication is a record of our times, that it speaks loudly about a significant global social problem and aims to spotlight the issue of poverty and social exclusion and indicate all resources and opportunities that existed in Croatia providing help and support.

The main message of the book is that "infrastructure" exists for eradicating poverty in Croatia, but connectedness is lacking.

"Connecting, networking, cooperation, solidarity and effective policies for combating poverty are becoming imperative," said the author of the publication, Đordana Barbarić from the association MoSt.

The problem is, she said, that processes are very slow in Croatia -- reforms can last decades.

"No one in Croatia should stay hungry, without a roof over their head or without support. No child, individual or family should live without electricity, water, a hot meal...," said Barbarić.

She pointed out that Croatia has the Social Welfare Act, strategies, plans, protocols, funds. We have 555 local government units -- 428 municipalities and 127 cities, as well as 21 units of the regional government, which have social welfare departments, programs, measures, finances, and legal obligations. There are 80 social welfare centers in Croatia, 38 branches, and a large number of employed experts.

Barbarić also stressed, the Croatian Caritas charity has a large and significant network of social services in 17 archdioceses and dioceses and 1,500 parish communities that carry out charitable activities, and the Croatian Red Cross has 131 county, city, and municipal branches.

The Croatian Homeless Network has 15 active organizations, the Croatian Network of Social Supermarkets has 18 members and as many outside the Network, and the Food Network has over 10 members. There are also dozens of citizens' initiatives and civil society organizations in the field of the eradication of poverty.

At the presentation, it was said that 23.3% of persons in Croatia were at risk of poverty and social exclusion. Also, 43% of citizens live in families that can barely make ends meet.

It was also said that each person throws away 75 kg of food per year and that over 40,000 children depend on different forms of social assistance.

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Monday, 18 October 2021

Exhibition by Famous British Sculptor Richard Deacon to Open in Split Tomorrow

October 18, 2021 - One of the top British abstract sculptors, Richard Deacon, will be present for the opening of his exhibition in the Kula Gallery in Split.

The exhibition will be opened on Tuesday, October 19th, 2021, at 7 pm in the atrium of the Split Gallery of Arts and the Kula Gallery (the two are across the street from each other, so this is not surprising). In the exhibition, the author's work in the past over twenty years will be presented, through his 22 pieces which present his various interests, Eda Vujović writes for Slobodna Dalmacija. The Split exhibition includes Richard Deacon's artwork made of aluminium, steel, paper, wood and ceramics. It's his sculptures made using ceramics that are often highlighted as his most unusual contribution, as they're of exaggerated spontaneity, experimental and polychromic character.

Richard Deacon, born in 1949 in Bangor, Wales is primarily known for his biomorphic and abstract sculptures, which came to existence as a result of his research of the sculpture as a medium, and his experimentation with various materials and the processes of the creation. He's one of the authors, along with Tony Cragg (his exhibition was hosted in Split in 2019), Anish Kappor, Richard Wentworth and Billy Woodrow, from a generation of extraordinary British sculptors, affirmed during the eighties. The group based their work on theoretical considerations which started gaining weight on the international scene after minimalism and post-minimalism.

Richard Deacon won the Turner Prize in 1987 for his touring show For Those Who Have Eyes, after previously being nominated for the prestigious prize in 1984. He won numerous other international awards and prizes, including being awarded the CBE in 1999. The Richard Deacon exhibition which will be open in Split tomorrow will stay in Split until December 31.


Monday, 18 October 2021

Cravat Day Marked in Zagreb

ZAGREB, 18 Oct 2021 - World Cravat Day was marked on Monday in Zagreb's main square, with the ceremony involving the Cravat regiment guard and the regiment commander decorating the monument of Ban Josip Jelačić with a red necktie.

The ceremony, which was organized by the Academia Cravatica, attracted a large audience of citizens.

The cravat regiment consists of 17 members including four cavalrymen who lined up in Zagreb's main square in uniforms worn by Croatian soldiers during the Thirty Years' War[.

Mihovil Bogoslav Matković, a representative of Academie Cravaticae, an institution that promotes the cravat and its history and heritage, underscored that Cravat Day is marked with cravats being tied around 40 monuments in Zagreb as well as promotional activities in other cities around the country.

"The cravat as part of Croatia's heritage is especially effective and can promote communication between Croatia and the world," said Matković and recalled that it was at the Academia's initiative in fact that the Croatian Sabor declared 18 October as Cravat Day.

The event was further highlighted with Cravat ambassadors, scientist Igor Rudan and writer Miro Gavran attending.

“One thing that Croatia truly has is the cravat, which is part of our heritage, however many people around the world know very little about that. This is a rare opportunity to brand our state in the world with something beautiful, useful, and recognizable," said the researcher.

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Monday, 18 October 2021

30 Years of Minefield War Crime Commemorated in Lovas

ZAGREB, 18 Oct 2021 - The people of Lovas on Monday laid wreaths and lit candles at a monument to 21 locals forced into a minefield by Serb paramilitaries and the former Yugoslav Army 30 years ago today.

On 18 October 1991, a few days after entering Lovas, aggressor forces chose a group of 51 residents and forced them into a minefield, where 21 were killed and 14 wounded.

"I hope that those responsible will be brought to justice one day," said Vukovar-Srijem County head Damir Dekanić.

Lovas Municipality head Tanja Cirba said 89 Lovas residents were killed in the Homeland War and that one of the most horrific crimes took place in that minefield. "On that day, another 23 Lovas residents were killed in their houses, garages, and basements."

Justice for the Lovas crimes is far from being served because those who organized and ordered them have not been punished, said Staša Zajović of the Women in Black association from Belgrade.

"We are very worried because dealing with the past in Serbia has been stopped and strong propaganda glorifying war criminals is at work," she said.

In 2007, the Belgrade District Court opened an investigation into 14 people suspected of war crimes against 69 Lovas civilians and an indictment was filed.

In 2012, 14 were found guilty for the deaths of 41 civilians and sentenced to prison terms ranging from four to 20 years. An appellate court quashed the sentence in 2013. A new indictment covered 32 civilian victims due to the deaths of five defendants and a lack of evidence.

In the retrial, the Belgrade Appellate Court acquitted Željko Krnjajić and Milan Devčić and reduced the sentences against Saša Stojanović, Darko Perić, Radovan Vlajković, Radisav Josipović, Jovan Dimitrijević, and Zoran Kosijer. The sentences were reduced to three to six years.

The victims' families and the Lovas municipal authorities are dissatisfied and bitter at such low sentences.

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