Monday, 8 May 2023

Croatian Judges on Two Week Strike, Demanding Better Conditions

May 8, 2023 - The Association of Croatian Judges (UHS) stated that, due to the lack of dialogue with the executive authorities, warning measures would be implemented in all first-instance courts in Croatia from Monday, May 8 to Friday, May 19.

As Poslovni writes, UHS specified that in the next two weeks, all actions in first-instance proceedings would be postponed, while in second-instance proceedings, council sessions will be held, but without sending decisions, and the exception at all levels are urgent cases in which irreparable damage could occur.

For the duration of the warning measures, the judges who implement the measures will be at their workplace and perform other judicial duties at all times; UHS points out.

"More than 70 percent of first-instance judges will participate in the warning measures, and we also have the support of state attorneys." Urgent cases will be dealt with without delay, but the measures imply that work will not be done in the e-file, registration of new legal entities, decisions on inheritance, or, for example, divorce, will not be carried out,'' points out Vesna Horvath, president of UHS Branch III Zagreb, adding that notifications about the postponement of the hearing have been sent to the parties.

The Ministry announced the referral to an urgent procedure to increase salaries for all judicial officials

Last Wednesday, May 3, the Ministry of Justice and Administration announced that urgent amendments to the Law on Salaries of Judges and Other Judicial Officials propose an 8 percent base increase for all judicial officials and an additional increase of 26.28 percent for first-degree judicial officials. With this proposal of the Law, the salaries of judges and deputy state attorneys at the first level will nominally increase by an average of 513 euros in the net amount, the Ministry stated.

The Ministry of Justice and Administration (MPU) will refer the proposed law to the legal procedure in an emergency procedure, they added in the press release.

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Monday, 8 May 2023

Croatian Epidemiologists Soon to Propose Declaring End of Pandemic

May 8, 2023 - Croatian epidemiologists might be proposing the Croatian government declare the end of pandemic. Pulmonologist Saša Srića commented on the decision of the World Health Organization, declaring the end of the global threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

In his guest appearance for N1's Dnevnik, as reported by Index, this is what he said: "Two days ago, the president of the World Health Organization declared the end of the global threat related to the pandemic, not the end of the pandemic. But it is certainly one step towards the end of the pandemic. As in the whole world, there has been a positive trend in Croatia for the last year".

"Croatia will also move towards declaring the end of the pandemic"

He says that we can expect that Croatia will also move towards declaring the end of the pandemic.

"Krunoslav Capak will propose to the government to declare the end of the epidemic in Croatia. For the health care system, this will mean a relief. When the end of the pandemic is declared, we must know that the virus is still with us, but it no longer poses a threat. The virus still exists, but we will learn to live with it," said the pulmonologist and added: "The virus weakened because it mutated and, fortunately, it mutated into a weaker form. We believe that the danger that the virus will develop into a more severe form has passed."

He also stated that today there are very few patients with severe pneumonia.

"We hope that in our lifetime and in the future, we will not be in this situation again. It wasn't easy, but we did a great job with our joint efforts, and the vaccine contributed a lot. That all led us to be able to move on. The most difficult was to watch completely healthy people have their health collapse," he concluded.

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Monday, 8 May 2023

Croatian Job Market: Every Other Employee Looking to Change Jobs

May 8, 2023 - The situation in the Croatian job market seems to be quite dynamic. Croats are changing jobs more than ever before, and they intend to continue the practice of quitting. This was confirmed by research conducted last year by the Department of Work Psychology of the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb in cooperation with Hendal and a separate survey by the MojPosao portal.

As Poslovni writes, according to research by the Department of Work Psychology, a fifth of Croats were looking for a new job at the time of the survey, and a quarter (27%) intended to do so in the next year.

Research results by the MojPosao portal were a lot more drastic and show that in the last three years, almost half (45%) of employees have quit their jobs, and nearly every other employee plans to do so within a year.

Salary as the main reason for quitting

Zvonimir Galić, a professor from the Department of Work Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy, explains that due to the research methodology, the figures of the MojPosao portal are probably overestimated, but they confirm a dynamic trend that has never existed in the domestic labour market. And the answer to why people change jobs is actually very simple. "Because they can," says Galić.

"For the first time, we have a situation of a huge lack of workers in all segments, and employers have to fight for them. At the same time, our salaries are generally low and have further decreased due to inflation, so people are looking for work where they can get a better salary," explains the professor.

It is precisely this - salary - that is the number one reason why people will decide to change jobs. But it is not the only one. Research by the MojPosao portal thus shows that poor working conditions are high on the list of reasons people would start looking for a new job.

After salary (49%), workers also mention bad interpersonal relations (45%), lack of professional advancement opportunities (42%), undervaluation by the employer (42%) and poor working conditions that affect health (41%). It turns out that despite the chronic lack of workers, domestic employers still do not understand the value of workers.

Investing in people

"Management of human resources has progressed a lot in recent years, but it is still weak. Many employers still do not understand that they must deal with people better. It is as if they remain blind to what is happening in the labour market. First, therefore, they must raise wages. But that will not be enough. People want a working environment in which they can grow and progress", says the Department of Work Psychology professor. Also, Galić believes that the trend of resigning or changing jobs will continue for two reasons.

"Demographic trends are such that more people are retiring than entering the labour market. The labour market is, therefore, structurally changing. Another reason is the continuing emigration," Galić states, adding that such trends are not bad.

"I think that's good. We had a sluggish labour market for years, and changing jobs was most often related to getting, not resigning. Now that we have a reversed situation, the consequences will be better for the workers, which is an increase in wages and greater investment in employees and their skills," the professor points out.

Regarding occupations, his research shows that the most dynamic is in the ICT and trade, transport and tourism sectors. The IT sector is characterised by a lack of specialists and the best working conditions, as IT employees will earn 1,587 euros net per month on average, data from the CBS show.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that employees in this sector easily opt for better opportunities, which are not difficult to get. On the other hand, the trade, transport and tourism sectors are characterised by low wages and worse working conditions, so it should not be surprising that people quit and look for a better job. They will, on average, earn between 878 and 1025 euros per month.

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Sunday, 7 May 2023

7,000 Year-Old Preserved Road Found in Adriatic Sea Off Korcula

May 7, 2023 - Another sensational archaeological find off the island of Korcula - check out where people used to walk 7,000 years ago.

It is the island that keeps on giving with its secrets of the past. 

Best known as the supposed birthplace of Marco Polo and one of the most beautiful of all Croatian tourist destinations, the island of Korcula - which was the first place in the world to abolish slavery back in 1214 - is providing yet more evidence of is ancient past. 

The island's attractions include Vela Spila near Vela Luka, which has documented Stone Age life dating back 20,000 years, while the Psephisma in Lumbada is a stone tablet, whose words detail the origins of the settlement some 2,300 years ago. 

And now, the latest discovery, which has been posted on Facebook by the Univerity of Zadar - a translation of which is below. 


? In the underwater archaeological research of the submerged Neolithic site of Soline on the island of Korčula, archaeologists found remains that surprised even them. Namely, under the deposits of sea mud, a road was discovered that connected the sunken prehistoric settlement of the Hvar culture with the coast of the island of Korčula.


These are carefully stacked stone slabs that were part of a four-meter-wide communication that connected the artificially created island to the coast. By radiocarbon analysis of preserved wood found in the last campaign, the entire settlement was dated around 4,900 years before Christ. People walked on this communication and that almost 7,000 years ago.


The research is the result of the collaboration of several institutions and companies, and in addition to the leader Mata Parica from the University of Zadar, there were Domagoj Perkić (Museums of Dubrovnik), Ivan Šuta and Vedran Katavić (Museum of the City of Kaštela), Katarina Batur (University of Zadar), Marta Kalebota ( City Museum of Korčula), Eduard Visković (Kantharos), with the assistance of Dalibor Ćosović from the diving center Lumbard Blue.


 At the same time, on the other side of the island of Korčula, archaeologists from the University of Zadar are conducting land research near Gradina bay near Vela Luka. It was Igor Borzić, the head of the research, who noticed the strange structures in the sea of the bay.

The archaeological team diving at the Soline site inspected the central part of the Gradina bay, and to everyone's delight, the existence of a settlement almost identical to the one at Soline was determined at a depth of 4 to 5 meters. Neolithic artifacts such as flint blades, stone axes, and fragments of millstones were found at the site.

Sunday, 7 May 2023

Sinković Brothers Take Gold at the World Rowing Cup in Zagreb!

May 7, 2023 - Brothers Martin and Valent Sinković won the double sculls gold medal at the World Rowing Cup, which is held at Jarun Lake in Zagreb.

They led from the start of the race, followed closely by Spaniards Aleix Garcia Pujolar and Rodrigo Conde Romero, who eventually finished the race in second place.

The Sinković Brothers achieved a time of 06:16.74, and in the end, the Spaniards were a little less than four seconds behind. In third place was the Serbian crew of Aleksandar Beđik and Aleksandar Filipović.

"This is our first victory this season; there is no better audience, no better athletes than Croats. I'm still emotional; this is wonderful. Our city, our audience. Thank you all. We knew the Spaniards would be fast; they were second in the world, but this proves that we are still better. As agreed, we hit the finish line in the end. Thank you once again to everyone who came to cheer us on," said Martin Sinković for HRT.

Valent added:

"This is something special; we will remember this for the rest of our lives. We have never experienced this, such a thrashing in the last 200 meters that my heart is full—everything we did paid off. Guys, thank you. Everywhere we looked, our fans supported us from the start, but in the last 200 meters, when we heard that noise, we decided to step up even more. This is great." 

Sisters Ivan and Josipa Jurković finished the race in third place in coxless pairs. Three crews competed in the final, and first place was taken by Spaniards Aina Cid and Esther Briz Zamorano (7:16.49). Czech representatives Radka Novotnikova and Pavlina Flamikova won silver (7:17:22), and the Jurković sisters took third place (7:36.73).

Brothers Patrik and Anton Lončarić took fourth place in coxless pairs (06:38.81). Swiss team Roman Roeoesli and Andrin Gulich won gold (06:30.98).

Source: HRT

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Sunday, 7 May 2023

Two Crazy Croats, a Tesla, and Crossing the Sahara Desert (VIDEO)

May 7, 2023 - Continuing our video journey through life in Croatia with the Paul Bradbury Croatia Expert YouTube channel, a Croatian journey crossing the Sahara in an electric car. Whyever not?

What happens when you combine a Tesla car, a bottle of rakija and two crazy Croats?

"Did you know that a Tesla has never crossed the Sahara Desert?"

"Why am I not surprised?" "Shall we become the first?"

And so, a few years ago, a crazy journey was conceived by Sasa Cvetojevic and Oleg Mastruko, to drive Sasa's Tesla across the Sahara Desert as part o the Budapest to Bamako Rally.

I was fortunate to join them for the start of the race, accompanying them from Zagreb to the Hungarian capital. The story of the first attempt to drive a Tesla electric car across the Sahara.

Video produced by Igor Vuk of Wolf Media.


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Sunday, 7 May 2023

Suncani Hvar Sustainable Tourism Efforts Recognised in Bol

May 7, 2023 - Suncani Hvar Hotels' sustainable tourism efforts recognised in Bol. 

There is nothing like a short break on the adopted island where you lived for 13 years to fall in love with it again. 

Easter on Hvar was delightful, and I have taken a renewed interest in the island, as I learned that there are some rather interesting things happening. Among them seems to be a new push to better promote the culture, traditions and gastronomy on the island, of which they have an embarrassment of riches. Indeed, this month, in addition to the important Feast of St Propsper, Hvar Town's patron saint, the town will be celebrating 155 years of the oldest organised tourism in Europe, the 50th anniversary of Hvar Theatre Days in the oldest public theatre in Europe, and Mediterranean Diet Days, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Hvar's Mediterranean DIet being inscribed as intangible UNESCO heritage. You can learn all about what it is in store here

The island is also establishing its sustainability credentials, most notably the island's leading hotel group, Suncani Hvar Hotels, which we recently reported had become the leading producer of solar energy in Dalmatia. I guess living on the sunniest island in Croatia can't do any harm... 

The hotel group's efforts were recognised in Bol last month at the #BOL100 conference, which celebrated 100 years of organised tourism to the popular Brac destination, as well as aiming to build a recognisable island brand, focused on smart and sustainable hotels, green and digital transitions, coastal planning, and European funds. 

Suncani Hvar received an award in recognition of the most successful island sustainable projects for its solar panels, one of several winners. Suncani's leadership position in the application of energy efficiency and green transition programs was highlighted, setting new standards both in the hotel industry and in the economy in general.


Sunday, 7 May 2023

Amazing Hvar in May: Culture, Tradition and Special Anniversaries

May 7, 2023 - An historic month in Hvar Town, as Croatia's premier island prepares to showcase some important anniversaries - a divine time to visit.

In many ways, I think that Hvar Town is the complete destination in Croatian tourism, and I am not just saying that because that magical island was my home for 13 years. 

It literally has EVERYTHING. From the most UNESCO island heritage of any island in the world, and the oldest public theatre in Europe, to the most sun in Croatia and the birthplace of organised tourism in Europe. Oh, and THOSE Pakleni Islands. Whether you are looking for culture or wine (this, the island with the most indigenous grape varieties of any Croatian island), vibrant nightlife or lavender festivals, this is the place to come. 


But, as much as Hvar Town enjoys an embarrassment of tourism riches catering to all kinds of tourists, from family to party, it is also a very versatile destination throughout the year. July and August are obviously the busiest, where the beaches, bars and restaurants are packed, and the town is buzzing. But shoulder season Hvar is a much different proposition, and one where the slower pace of life and smaller crowds allow you to explore the rich heritage and culture of this incredible island. 

And there is no better time to visit than May if you want to explore the finest that Hvar has to offer. Especially May, 2023, a month of culture, tradition and gastronomy, while celebrating some rather important anniversaries. 

When I first started writing about the island on my Total Hvar blog back in 2011, May 10 was known as the unofficial start of the tourism season in Hvar Town. for this was the feast day of the patron saint of the town, St Prosper, a day of festivities, including Mass and a religious parade through the centre, a fair showcasing domestic products, and a competitive gastro show, where local restaurants come together to prepare dishes in friendly competition for tourists to enjoy. 

Times change, and the Hvar season is already in full swing, and the St Prosper celebrations this year have been extended to incorporate two significant anniversaries for the town. 


Some 155 years ago, on May 15, 1868, the Hvar Health Society was founded, with the first hotel on the site where today's luxury 5-star Palace Elisabeth hvar heritage hotel stands. It was the birthplace of organised tourism in Europe, just across the square from the Arsenal building, whose top floor houses the oldest public theatre in Europe, dating back to 1612.

Did I mention that this is a destination that has it all?

A destination which has it all must be known for its gastronomy, and Hvar certainly is. Indeed, this year, the island will be celebrating 10 years of inclusion - along with Brac and 7 other destination around the region - of its Mediterranean Diet listed as intangible UNESCO heritage. Along with the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Stari Grad Plain, intangible heritages of the Za Krizen procession, Benedictine lace, art of dry stone walling, and the klapa of southern Dalmatian, Hvar's six UNESCO heritages are the most of any island in the world. 

All these anniversaries and events have combined to bring a spectacular cultural start to the season for this outstanding destination, with a celebration of the Mediterranean diet, theatre and 155 years of organised tourism. And the festivities have already begun. Here are the key things that should be getting you onto a catamaran to Hvar Town this month:


Celebrations of St Prosper have now become and 8-day affair, starting with the salting of the sardines last Friday. You can see the programme above, with the main day being the 10th as usual, including a kids dance in front of the loggia. 

The Mediterranean Diet's 10th anniversary will be celebrated as part of the St Prosper festivities, with a special two-day programme celebrating the island's food and wine. You can see the full programme here

There will also be another anniversary, as the historic Hvar theatre will be hosting the 50th edition of Hvar Theatre Days from May 16-19, a unique chance for you to enjoy live performances inside the oldest theatre in Europe. You can see the programme here.

And, on the anniversary of 155 years of organised tourism, the opening of a rather excellent initiative, which will run until July 20 - the Made in Croatia exhibition inside the Arsenal and below the theatre.


One of the things I have noticed about Croatian tourism over the years is the tendency to just promote the immediate area, and so I am delighted to see that this multi-media exhibition covers the whole country, inviting visitors to get to know the greatest Croatian minds, exploring their inventions and achievements of civilisation, and to see the impact that they have had on the world. A superb addition of quality content for the town for over two months of the season. Among the Croatian minds represented will be the inventor of the pen, the parachute, and the godfather of dactyloscopy, Hvar-born Ivan Vucetic. As well as a certain Nikola Tesla... More on this here

From culture to sport, and Hvar is known as an activity island. It was here, for example, that Bahrain Merida chose for its cycling winter training. But the sporting focus on May 20 and 21 will be on pro basketball, with Hvar Town chosen to kick off a new Olympic sport on the island. 

In the beautiful surroundings of Hvarska Pjaca, enjoy the moves of 3x3 basketball masters. Great fun is guaranteed! After the spectacle in 2022, when the PRO 3x3 Tour was organized in the attractive locations of 10Croatian cities, this great story continues in the period from the second half of May to the middle of August 2023, and the first stop is precisely the sunniest island. You can visit the official PRO 3x3 site here.

An excellent few weeks of quality entertainment in store, showcasing the very best culture, tradition and gastronomy that Hvar has to offer. With free sunshine, beaches, as well as the availability of the Pakleni Islands thrown in. 

Is there a destination in Croatia which offers more diversity?



Sunday, 7 May 2023

British Embassy Celebrates King's Coronation in Osijek (Photos)

May 7, 2023 - With all eyes on London, the British Embassy in Zagreb headed east to celebrate the Coronation in Osijek.

It was a day of pomp and tradition which was beamed all over the world, as the Coronation of King Charles III took place at Westminster Abbey, some 70 years after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, was crowned Queen before him. 

The British Embassy in Zagreb headed east to the Slavonian capital for a ceremony with Croatian partners, to mark the occasion. Charles and Camilla visited Osijek back in 2016, and indeed, his great-great-grandfather was born in Osijek. Read more in The British Royal Family Has Blood Ties with Osijek, Đakovo Bids Farewell.

Some photos, with commentary from the Facebook page of the embassy, on yesterday's celebrations. 


The Coronation emblem on The Zagreb fountains. The Union Jack colours on Osijek pedestrian bridge. Colourful light displays in #Croatia?? celebrate the Coronation.The Coronation emblem on The Zagreb fountains. The Union Jack colours on Osijek pedestrian bridge (lead photo). Colourful light displays in #Croatia?? celebrate the Coronation.



Today we witnessed a significant historical event, 70 years after Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in June 1953. His Majesty King Charles III was crowned King of the UK and the 14 other independent Realms of which He is also Head of State. The King is now the 40th monarch to swear the traditional oath of faithful service. While the Coronation was taking place in Britain’s capital, we celebrated in Osijek with our Croatian partners, allies and friends. 








Sunday, 7 May 2023

Looking for a Job in Croatia? This Week's Top 10 from (May 7, 2023)

May 7, 2023 - Looking for a job in Croatia? A new weekly feature on TCN, in partnership with leading job site agency,, who present a selection of weekly job listings.

How hard is it to find a job in Croatia, and what is on offer?

We spoke to Ines Bokan, director of leading jobs site, who kindly took the time for this excellent interview overview.  

This week's top 10 jobs from

 Connection Project j.d.o.o. is hiring Administrative Assistant in Sales (m/f). The location is remote.  The employer is offering a salary between 700 – 1400 euros, freelance or long-term contract and flexible working hours. You can apply until 16.05.2023 on the link here

Manpower is hiring Medical Representative (m/f) in Dalamatia County. Employer offers fieldwork, a chance to work in a renowned pharmaceutical company and a motivated team. The deadline for applying is 17.05.2023. You can apply here

Strabag BRVZ d.o.o. is looking for Senior Backend Developer (m/f). The location of work is Zagreb. Employer offers friendly team, professional development, training and much more. For more info about their benefits, you can click here and apply until 13.05.2023. 

Next Step career network is hiring Head Chef (m/ž) in Austria. The employee is offering a monthly salary of 2.500 euros, 14 salaries a year, provided accommodation and 3 meals a day. For more benefits and applying process, check this link until 11.05.2023. 

Teleperformance Greece is looking for Croatian Customer Service (m/f) in Athens, Greece. The employer is offering fully paid relocation support (flight ticket, hotel), competitive monthly salary, two salaries per year and much more. You can find more information about their benefits on this application. The deadline for applying is 27.05.2023. 

KWS SAAT SE & Co. KgaA is hiring SAP Inhouse Consultant HCM (m/f) in Berlin, Germany. The Employer is giving an international environment, dynamic team, flexible working hours and team spirit. KWS is offering a lot more benefits that you can find on this link until 18.05.2023. 

MED-EL Elektromedizinische Gerate GmbH is looking for Software Developer (m/f) in Innsbruck, Austria. The employer is offering flexible working hours, workplace well-being, employee discounts and a minimum salary of 41,691.44 euros annually. You can apply until 18.05.2023. on application link. 

Kempinski hotel Adriatic is hiring a Cluster Sales Manager (m/f) in Savudrija, Umag. The employee is offering dynamic work, professional and strong responsibilities, the possibility of professional growth. You can apply until 20.05.2023. on application link. 

Gi Group Staffing Solutions is hiring Sales Engineer (m/f) in Zagreb. Employer is offering company car, laptop and mobile, remote work and friendly team. You can apply here until 24.05.2023. 

AA Euro Croatia d.o.o. is hiring Medical Laboratory Technician (m/f) in Ireland. The employer is offering 33000-46000 euros annually, travel costs covered, free accommodation and more. You can find out more and apply on the link here until 27.05.2023. 

For more career options and job listings, visit


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