Beaches on Hvar

The Magical Gdinj Bays

By Ivana 21 March 2015

An afternoon at one of the nicest beaches on Hvar - in the eastern bays of Gdinj.

I decided to head east, and start a programme of discovery for the rest of the year. We headed off to the supermarket to buy supplies for the beach picnic and then set off towards Gdinj, which is a village I have always liked. The superior stone and buildings there suggest that it was once an important and glorious place. One of the most interesting modern sights in Gdinj is this map showing information on the so-called Gdinj Bays to the south, which are accessed by a winding descending road from the village by the church. 

There are I think seven in all, each with just a few houses, some with a bar, restaurant and apartment, and they are all gorgeous and largely deserted - certainly at this time of year.  

We chose one of the last ones, parked up and wandered down to a cute pebble beach, with easy access to the water. It was a little cold for me, but my three dolphin girls pronounced me a wimp and said that the water was perfect.  

The find of the day was just to the right of the beach, a little cave which the little ones could swim into under a 'bridge'. Hours of fun. 

The plan on the way back was to pop in to the delightful Duga Grill on the main road and enjoy a little birthday cake over a cold one, but it was unfortunately closed, so we had to celebrate without the beer.

The upgraded stretch of road to Sućuraj has been well done, and once all is finished, there should be a benefit to eastern Hvar's tourism, but it is easy to enjoy at the moment. The drive from Jelsa to the Gdinj beaches is about 40 minutes, which may sound a lot, but it really is uninhabited heaven. The Boss declared it one of the nicest beaches on the island, and one that we will be driving back to shortly. 

Eastern Hvar is a rather interesting place, which we will try to uncover a little more this winter.