Beaches on Hvar

Zaraće Beach

By Ivana 23 March 2015

The south side of Hvar - Zarace.


Along the road from Hvar Town to Stari Grad, there is a small and almost abandoned village called Zaraće above the road. It has a full-time population of three, including one lady who speaks fluent Mandarin, which probably makes it the only population centre in Croatia which is 33% Chinese speaking (at least for now...).

Below the road is rough road to the beach, with a sign 'Gego' - Hvar's popular singer and owner of one of the restaurants in the bay below.  

As you can see from the excellent pictures taken by our colleagues at Visit Hvar,  it is quite an unusual beach with its natural stone shelters. These walls apparently offer another function to one of the local restaurants. Natural salt deposits are formed on the rocks from the waves crashing through, and this salt is used in the preparation of the restaurant's food. 

Zaraće is also used on occasion as a filmset and indeed last year, ex-President Stipe Mesić was filmed on location there for a Croatian film in which he had a cameo role. You can get excellent views of the beach from the top floor of the Hvar Open Tour bus, as it passes between Hvar and Stari Grad. Many thanks to Visit Hvar for use of the pictures. Why not check out their interactive map of Hvar island and excellent photos to all the other beaches?