Beaches on Hvar

Sveta Nedjelja Beaches

By Ivana 23 March 2015

Beaches? Take your pick, there are some excellent places to jump into the clear Adriatic. 

Sveta Nedjelja is wine country. The small village on Hvar's south coast is dominated by the vineyards and winery of Zlatan Plenkovic, one of Croatia's most famous producers and a regular medal winner in international competitions.

Access to Sveta Nedjelja, which literally means "Holy Sunday" in Croatian, has been vastly improved with the opening of a makeshift road from Hvar Town. Not yet ashphalted and perilous in places, it may not be for the fainthearted, but does offer access to some more isolated beaches, as well as an alternative to the main access road to the village, through the infamous Pitve Tunnel.

The road from the tunnel winds down to the water, the main destination for many visitors, but it is worth taking the right turn to the old village itself, a nicely preserved stone village with a pretty square, and affording great views of the sea and island of Vis in the distance. The backdrop of the cliffs gives a stunning contrast.

Our good friend Majda takes great pictures, despite only having a broken iPhone. She posted some great pics on Facebook of a relaxing Sunday with friends near Sveta Nedjelja in late March. Just chillin'.