Beaches on Hvar

Mala Stiniva Beach

By Ivana 23 March 2015

The northern coastal village of Mala Stiniva.

While the beaches on the west of the island are the most popular given their proximity to the main tourist resorts, there are some gems a little further east. I had a beer with the editor of a New York magazine earlier this week, who comes to Hvar every year, and whose favourite place is the beach at Mala Stiniva.

I always find it amazing that people with so little holiday time will fly at great expense half way across the world to be on Hvar, and the number of American accents currently on the island suggests it is a trend which is increasing.

There are few accents (or any other voices) to be heard at Mala Stiniva, one of Dalmatia's prettiest hamlets. It also has one of the most unusual approaches by road. Taking the road to Sucuraj, there is a left turn to M. Stiniva at the entrance to the village of Poljica. All good so far. 

The strange bit is the fork in the road as one closes in on the sea. Turn right and the road stops suddenly above an empty bay. Turn left and the road winds round and stops above the village of Mala Stiniva, but with no car access to the village below. It matters not, for as the pictures show, Mala Stiniva is a little piece of paradise, even more so from an office block in New York. 

Many thanks once again for the excellent pictures from Hvar accommodation specialists, Visit Hvar.