Beaches on Hvar

Ivan Dolac Beaches

By Ivana 23 March 2015

Through the tunnel to the popular resort: Ivan Dolac

First mentioned in the 15th century, the old stone village of Ivan Dolac still exists above the main road, but most visitors turn left into the heart of the new village and keep going until they hit the beach, for that is Ivan Dolac's main attraction: quality family beaches on the island's southern shore.

Beaches such as Suplja Stina, Lucisce, Jagodna, Paklina and Petarcica have proved popular with tourists, many of whom return every year to the same places and host families.

The place to chill in Ivan Dolac is Vartal, a cocktail bar on the water, with friendly atmosphere, great cocktails and spectacular views, while recommended dining is Slavinka, where the homely atmosphere will be one of the first things you notice. A cafe, restaurant and apartments. There is a small supermarket, exchange office and tourist agency.

Here is the popular resort, which is also famous for its wine, from above, courtesy of some pictures sent to us by Igoo Adler.