Beaches on Hvar

Bonj Les Bains

By Ivana 22 March 2015

The paradise of the Pakleni Islands and the bay of Ždrilca.

Looking to be totally pampered by the beach on your holiday to Hvar, preferably somewhere within walking distance of the centre of town? Look no further than the sexy Bonj les Bains resort, just below Hotel Amfora, a short stroll from the main square in Hvar Town, where you can enjoy the beach atmosphere that earned Bonj inclusion in The Times Online's 2010 list of the Top 20 Hottest Beaches in Europe.


The stunning 1930s stone colonnade has been completely restored and refurbished by owners Suncani Hvar after ORCO Group injected millions into the company from 2005, and there are luxurious touches at every turn, including divine waterfront sunbathing options. 


Or if you prefer to sit back a little in the shade and enjoy the view, there is plenty of space above to take in the comings and goings in one of the Adriatic's most popular nautical destinations.

There are various level of privacy and luxury, and one option is to rent one of the private stone cabanas for the day, where guests can enjoy individual massage, room service, sunbeds and private showers. 


Whether you use the beach facilities or not, Bonj les Bains is a very romantic place for an evening stroll. 


Feeling hungry, but your budget does not stretch to private cabin rental? Choose from the Colonnade Beach Bar and Restaurant or Veranda Sea-court 'Steak and Fish' restaurant. 


The water is pristine and Bonj has been a popular bathing spot for locals for decades. 


There are few better places to laze away the day in style and luxury, with excellent service at your beck and call. For more information, and to book, check out the Suncani Hvar website


Once the sunbathing is over for the day, Bonj is an excellent place for a party - see the video below.