Beaches on Hvar

Vlaka on Sveti Klement

By Ivana 21 March 2015

Home to a Roman spa centuries ago - Vlaka.

I must confess that until my grape picking with Andro Tomic (which will be featured on HRT More programme today at 13:20) last week, I did not know much about the biggest Pakleni island, Sveti Klement, apart from the marina and bay of Palmizana. I knew there was another settlement on the north side, with a great restaurant called Dionis, but that was about all.

As you can see from the picture below, the Tomic vineyards are close to to the small settlement of Vlaka, which is on the north of the island (the small island above it is also called Vlaka - and there is a story about six sheep which I am trying to verify before I publish it...). 

The walk to the southern shore is quite short and brings you to the bay of Soline, a beach which has been used since Roman times - indeed there are still the remains of a Roman spa there. 

The bay has some magical mud which is great for treating skin, and locals in the know head to the bay for some spa treatments. 

It is a very beautiful place, and there is plenty of interest in Vlaka to merit a day trip. Read more about the non grape picking aspect of our visit here. Or watch this lunchtime's edition of 'More' on HRT at 13:20, where Andro's trip to Vlaka will be one of the main features of the programme. 

Many thanks to Hvar beach and accommodation specialists Visit Hvar for the excellent photos.