Dubrovnik Bars

Buža Bar

If, by any chance, you happen to miss out this place you’ll regret it so much that you will instantly buy the return ticket to Dubrovnik. Buža is a Croatian word which translates as a “hole in the wall” into English, and no need to think twice, yes there is a hole in the wall that takes you to this popular cliff bar. To find this hidden gem is no easy task, but once you manage to beat the labyrinth of the Old Town streets, the breathtaking view over the Adriatic Sea and Lokrum island will leave you speechless. Known as the “cold-drinks” bars also refers to the offer of only cold drinks and snacks since the lack of running water prevents them from providing warm beverages, including coffee (and as well as a restroom, mind you).
Tip: The braver ones, and mostly local people, take the dive from cliffs that can be dangerous if you’re not good at it. Since they’re local and probably more experienced than you, it’s better to just enjoy the show than to participate.

Crijevićeva ul. 9, 20000 Dubrovnik

Phone: +385 20 312 664