Zdravko Podolski

Zdravko Podolski

Marion & Zdravko Podolski


The husband and wife team from GoHvarblog.com have been writing about their love of Croatia and the island of Hvar for almost 10 years now. Covering all kinds of wide-ranging subjects from renaissance literature to tectonic activity in the Adriatic, they are also dedicated to exploring the best in Croatian wines and cuisine. Travelling between California, Croatia, Scotland and Germany, they bring an international perspective to their observations.


Marion Podolski (a.k.a. Mara) is from Edinburgh in Scotland, and finds Croatia to be remarkably similar, only with much better weather! An artist and blogger with a former life in the high-tech world of programming and business analysis, she also spent 15 years as a freelance web designer. She holds a degree in Pure Mathematics from St Andrews University in Scotland, and a Certificate of Fine Arts from UC Santa Cruz in California. Not many people can say that!


Zdravko Podolski was born in Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb. He is a Chartered Engineer, holds a Master of Science from St Andrews University in Scotland, and a Diploma in Management from the Open University. Having worked for too long in high-tech sales and marketing in the UK and USA, he switched to aviation and took flying lessons, becoming a commercial pilot and flight instructor. Now retired from running his own flight school, he likes to investigate the finer things in life.


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