Tanja Radmilo

Tanja Radmilo

Freelance translator and interpreter of English, Russian and Crotian languages, I share my living and working periods of time between Split and Gothenburg as of recently. I was working as English teacher in secondary public school for 20 years after which I decided to start freelancing. Since I am able to work as simultaneous English/Russian interpreter, I have a lot of work thanks to this unique combination of languages. I also have experience of working for NGOs and as consultant for EU projects in preparation and implementation phase.

I am pure Split born and bred Croat, I love Split, Dalmatia, Croatia, but also find it unbelievably absurd all the time. I always wanted to write and when Paul told me I could write about anything at all, as long as I didn' t get him arrested, I decided that this is not a challenge to be missed. That is how idea for From Croatia with Madness was originally immaculately conceived and the rest will be history.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Welcome to Croatia: Paradox Paradise

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