Tanja J. Polegubic

Tanja J. Polegubic

Tanja J. Polegubic runs Saltwater, a Mediterranean cowork space, and is launching new business projects in Dalmatia.

A communications professional by trade, Tanja transitioned into entrepreneurship upon landing on Croatian shores - and reading a lot of Seth Godin. Her business is built on networking, resonance and change making. She is grateful for her years in Canberra and airport lounges, but now has a life she does not feel the need to escape from. Her choice of projects involve persona growth, life in the Mediterranean, self-care, sustainable tourism, smart and regenerative agriculture and women-led business.

When she’s had enough of Split, she “oms out” by water and in sleepy Dalmatian villages.

You can connect with Tanja via Saltwater