Senka Vlahović

Senka Vlahović

I was born in Osijek, Slavonia region, spent my childhood and youth there. For the last 18 years I have lived in the gorgeous little town of Omiš, Central Dalmatia region. Over the time I became split between the two destinations: Slavonia and Dalmatia and was looking for a solution how to get them both in my life. As it happens, when the time was right, after years of working in tourism, I have decided to start my own business and connect Slavonia and Dalmatia in one place. I run an online travel agency and two web sites and I am also tourist guide and love to write about interesting and lesser known facts and stories about destinations I love so dearly.


Hoping to make some difference in tourism, I try to make culture interesting and interactive, to motivate people to move and explore, to develop their creativity, to reconnect with nature in order to respect destination they visit so they could love and respect the places they are coming from even more.


Life is too short not to enjoy wine, food, cycling or walking, nature, sounds, beautiful landscapes, craft beer, delicious cake, folk customs, making photographs or pottery, dancing, drawing, cooking, tasting, traveling, meeting new people, discovering new sensations... and write about it on Facebook or Instagram with several accompanying selfies


Happy to be part of Total Croatia News Team!