Paula Anić

Paula Anić

My name is Paula Anić and I'm a 2nd-year student of journalism at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. I am 20 years old and live with my parents and sister in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia.

Ever since I can remember I have been interested in writing. At first, those were short stories that I would read only to my younger sister because I was afraid to show them to anyone else. With years, my passion for writing grew, and with it came the passion for history. That in particular, I can thank my high school professor, an amazing woman who made me fall in love with history by talking about it with an immense passion. Once I entered the magical world of kings, queens, battles, and wars I also started reading a lot. During my high school days, I become known as a girl that always has a book in her arms and that hasn't changed till today. No matter how many people are there in a tram or a bus, I can always be seen reading some of my favorite novels. 

A little while later, I started being interested in politics and that is my biggest passion at the moment. Next year's goals include enrolling in Faculty for political science and studying it together with journalism. Some of the long term goals include perhaps one day working in diplomacy/foreign relations or being a member of the European Parliament. 

That is where I come to explain why I want to work with TCN. For once, it is an unbiased news portal that gives its journalists great freedom in writing about topics of their own choice and it is based on promoting positive news rather than filling its readers with negative ones all the time. It sounds like a dream come true for anyone who wants to do this job. The other thing is the fact that my college focuses mainly on building our theoretical knowledge and very little on practical training which I think is crucial for every aspiring journalist. I see great potential for growth as a writer, especially in English by working with Paul and TCN. 

Some of my other, still developing skills and hobbies include learning about film theory and learning French, both of which I have started doing during this academic year and have fallen in love with. In my free time, that is while I'm not reading some new and exciting book, I am volunteering in two organizations; AIESEC which focuses on building relations with foreign countries (my job includes explaining people from Croatia what kind of benefit they can get from volunteering all across the globe) and eStudent where I am part of PR and Event Management team. I only just started the later, but I am were excited and eager to learn all about it and work on promising new projects regarding students. I see myself as a capable and positively stubborn person who, once it starts something, doesn't stop until the job is done.