Patrick B. Galeski

Patrick B. Galeski

Patrick Galeski is a 41-year-old Canadian citizen that has lived in Varaždin, Croatia since 2006. His original intention was to participate in a one-year internship in Croatia, finish his business degree, and return to Canada. As is the case with many foreigners that come to the country, Croatia had other plans in store for him. 

From 2006 until 2012, Galeski was a part of the AZRA (Varaždin County Development Agency) project development team.  After completing his one-year internship, he worked as a project advisor at the agency. During Galeski’s time with AZRA, the agency secured almost 5 million euros through EU funding, secured donations and industrial sponsorship. These funds were used for projects that targeted the communities of Varaždin County and Northwest Croatia. From 2012-16, he worked at Superna Ltd. in Čakovec as a project associate, where he continued to prepare and implement EU co-funded projects. 

In 2017 he founded Galeski Management Services j.d.o.o., located in Varaždin. The company is specialized in EU project management. He currently works as the company director.  

He is married and has a daughter. Although he considers himself Canadian, he regards Croatia as his home. 

Prior to living in Croatia, Galeski worked as an English teacher in Bogota, Colombia. 

He has a double degree (BA/BA) from the University of Calgary (located in Calgary, Canada) in political science and international relations, and holds a graduate degree from Capilano University (located in North Vancouver, Canada) in international business.  

Special fields: Latin American affairs, Western Balkans policy and economy, EU project preparation and implementation, FDI promotion, intermediate Croatian learner.