Mira Dujela

Mira Dujela

Mira Dujela was born in Zadar, but after only 2 months she moved with her family to Rome. Having started so young to travel, she sees exactly in this Adriatic baptism the special link she has with the sea, which gives her strength and keeps her connected to all the people she loves.

After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology - Media and Communication field with a thesis on the importance of radio broadcasting in Croatia during the war period 91-95, she started working as a correspondent for the international program of the Croatian Radio and as an editor of the radio news in the Croatian language for Rai International. Her passion to discover new places, meet new people and of course bilingualism, have led her to always throw herself into new adventures with a mix of courage, craziness and luck.

After spending a couple of years working on a journalistic project in Sarajevo, in 2012 she left Rome for Varese to carry out her most important project: her family! In 2019 she was given the opportunity to move to Brussels, following her husband in a new job experience. In this period of distance from her places and origins, Mira decides to roll up her sleeves and start a Master of Journalism and Media at VUB in Brussels and, thanks to this, she came to TCN for an internship. A return to the origins? Who knows! Stay Tuned!

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