Katarina Anđelković

Katarina Anđelković

I was born in Germany in 1993 to Croatian parents who had fled the war. My family moved back to Vukovar in 1999 because, as they say, there was no place like home. From them I inherited a passion for all things Slavonian (yes, čvarci and rakija, but also the Danube, the forests, the history). Though I am a hyperactive, restless spirit and like going places, I carry all this in my heart and make sure to always come back. 

I have a master’s degree in English and Russian. After graduating I also became a tourist guide for Slavonia and among other things worked for the Vučedol Culture Museum in Vukovar, which remains one of my favourite places in the whole world. 

In 2019 an amazing opportunity presented itself and I took the plunge, packed up my suitcase and went off to Mauritius to teach Croatian (imagine), translate and write content for an international property developer. After a year in this tropical paradise, I continued to work remotely with the company, but also took on several different projects in Vukovar, including teaching English and coordinating EU projects. Most importantly, I came back to my roots to promote Vukovar and eastern Croatia through the CROMADS platform. 

In my spare time I enjoy beating my personals bests in the gym, climbing walls and taking walks. I use every opportunity to travel and will tell you that airport coffee is the best, that you can definitely pack all that you need in Ryanair’s free baggage allowance, and that any distance is walkable. You would probably hate travelling with me, but you’re still invited. 

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