Dora Naletilić

Dora Naletilić

My name is Dora Naletilić and I was born in a historic city of Vinkovci and raised in a town near it called Ivankovo. I am 25 years old and I majored as Interdisciplinary MA in Cultural Studies, course Media Culture, which was part of the Academy of Arts and Culture at the University of Osijek in 2020. 

My first love are sports, always was, always will be. That unconditional love was gained from my father, who would take me to every local sports tournament with him when I was little. I'm an avid football fan (go Manchester United), The rest comes after and sports like basketball, tennis, handball, F1, Esport etc. are “quenching my thirst” for that kind of content.  

Television is a close second, I grew up on it and with help of academic knowledge gained in recent years, I realized how much it affects us during life and how, by learning TV cues and techniques, it's easy to appreciate TV creators more. Throughout the years, the opinion of the country of Croatia became very jaded, especially with young adults like me. People are leaving everything behind that they worked so hard for and leaving the country for a better life. The recent census showed that almost 10 percent of the population left Vukovarsko - srijemska county since 2011. It’s depressing and I would never blame people leaving because they wouldn’t if they had a chance. I made it my mission to become a respectful journalist in this country, especially in Slavonija, which has so much potential and I am not talking about agriculture or something “stereotypical” for this area. I am talking about young people who are trying their best to make this region better and exploring modern and innovative ways to improve Slavonija as a whole. We have capable people, we just need resources. 

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