Dobri Duh Zagreba

Dobri Duh Zagreba

The good spirit of Zagreb, is a title that has a special place in the hearts of the citizens of my city. The spirit became a folk legend through the writing of Pavao Pavličić who created the Spirit and used him as a main character in his novels. In modern times, however the title was bestowed and to this day remains reserved for one man, journalist Zvonimir Milčec.

In 2014, Zvonimir Milčec died at the age of 76 and remains to this day person we refer to as the true “good spirit of Zagreb”.

He was given this title by the citizens of Zagreb as a contribution to his life's work as a journalist who dedicated his life to writing about his city. How many lives his work impacted or decision he directly influenced is really impossible to say. What can be said is, that much of what is considered today’s history of Zagreb was brought to life through the ink of his pen.

So, what gives me the audacity to take such an established name and besmirch it with thoughts that might not be even close to his?

That’s simple! I didn’t know the man, but it's hard for me to think, he would have stood by and taken the current situation idly. I think he would have spoken. He would have stood for something instead of taken the current situation lying down.

His voice was resonant and always stood for something, his words had the power to change the course of history. Although I cannot say for certain, if he were still alive, maybe he and I would see eye to eye on some topics. I am, however, confident that his views are aligned with mine when it comes to where the city of Zagreb stands as a city today.

The simple fact of the matter is - our city has been hijacked! We are no longer in a position to ask. Now, we are told. We can speak, but no one is listening. We can act, but no one cares.

The real tragedy is that most of us know this, and so we have become complacent.

We will not act because we fear that if we do - we will be alone!

But if one voice can penetrate far enough to influence just a single opinion, then the effort would have been worth it. I cannot speak for the deceased Spirit of Zagreb, but I can and hope to be the Spirit of a new time in the history of a city, a city which has been quiet for far too long.