Cyndie Burkhardt

Cyndie Burkhardt
Cyndie Burkhardt is a long-time photographer, storyteller, and world traveler, who also has a professional marketing background. In 2019, Cyndie sold all of her belongings, said goodbye to friends and family, and left her home in New York City to travel and live in 12 countries in 12 months. Her plan was to explore the world and pursue a photo storytelling project—learning about health, wellness, lifestyle, and culture, first-hand, from real people. Connecting with people everywhere, the project, stories, and photos are here

Nine months into her trip covid-19 hit, just after she arrived in Split. Her epic journey took a turn she couldn’t have imagined and she decided to stay. Cyndie loves being a Croatian resident (officially) and plans to turn her lens on the country and community she now calls home. Check out other travel photography on her website.


You can read Cyndie's TCN interview on her digital nomad experiences in Croatia here.

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