Arrive in Dubrovnik

Getting around Dubrovnik by Car

Arriving by car to Dubrovnik can have its pros and cons.
Let’s start with the pros: driving along beautiful Adriatic coast is surely one of the most beautiful road trips you’ll ever experience. Passing by all these little picturesque villages and counting islands on your way to the southernmost point of Croatia will certainly leave a strong impression on you. If you’re staying in airbnb places, rented apartments or hotels outside the city center, arriving by car and finding a parking (which is in most cases provided by the hotel or apartment owner) shouldn’t be a problem.

But here come the cons: if you have already booked your stay in the Old Town, it is highly recommended to leave your car outside the city zone.
Cars are not allowed in the Old Town, and few of the places have any kind of parking facilities available. There is an underground parking garage near the Old Town with a capacity of 700 vehicles. Other areas in Dubrovnik, such as Lapad and Babin Kuk, have street parking but the places are often limited.

In addition, during the busy summer season traffic jams are quite common with more cars and buses entering the city zone. Roads in Dubrovnik can also be quite tricky since it is a small town and the two-way center lanes can often turn into a small one-way street.