FKK Camping on Hvar: Large Increase for 2013

By paul 27 Jul 2013, 09:24 AM What's On This Month?

One area where tourism is booming on Hvar is FKK camping in Vrboska. 

It has been a strange season for tourism statistics. Depending on who you talk to, it is a record season or a very quiet one. Hvar Town in June was busier than most Augusts, according to many restaurant owners, Stari Grad much quieter despite an official increase of 30%.

One section of accommodation which has quietly been doing rather well this year is FKK camping in Vrboska, where the director told me over a cold one recently that occupancy is up an impressive 20% on last year. This is also true for the more mainstream Camp Mina in Jelsa, one of the island's more popular camps, given its proximity to the catamaran by foot. 

The tradition of FKK camping on Hvar is well-established, and nobody does it better than Kamp Nudist in Vrboska, discreetly hidden away in the pine trees with accompanying naturist beach about 1km out of town - a lovely location. Check out the video below for a tour, or click here to learn more about the camp and to make a reservation. 




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