Coming Soon: A Fascinating Documentary on Hvar's Fishing Community

By paul 19 Dec 2012, 09:27 AM What's On This Month?

A fascinating documentary in English about Hvar's fishing communities is being produced and will be finished next year. 

I met a very interesting young lady at the fabulous Rotary Club dinner at the Arsenal last year. She was on Hvar filming a documentary about the lives of Hvar's fishing community, and from the little I learned that evening, I was fascinated. 

A year later, Chiara Bove Makiedo is back on Hvar and the documentary is taking shape. I have seen an old trailer of the documentary (which is unfortunately not for public viewing at the moment) and although there have been a lot of changes, one thing is for certain - this will be a fascinating film. We will bring you more details when we have them, but here is some information to warm you up a little.

WORKING TITLE: ‘Fishing and Fishermen’s Conversations’

'Ribanje i ribarsko prigovaranje’

In honour of Petar Hektorović

SUMMARY: An investigative observational documentary, casting a poetic eye on the fishermen of Dalmatia and the dilemmas the island of Hvar is facing. The film is a journey to discover the heartbeat of the island throughout the different seasons, exclusively through the eyes of the fishermen of the island, with the intention of creating a powerful evocative story, characterized by the humanity, sense of humour and self sufficiency as well as the genetic virtues of patience and strong will of these characters. It will be strictly observational and attempt to remind the viewer how a life out at sea ( a combination of close contact with nature and lengthy days of hard manual work) can act as food for thought.

LOCATION: Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

PLANNED DURATION: 1 x 52’ & 1 x 90’



Director: Chiara Bove Makiedo

Producer:s Chiara Bove Makiedo, Enrico Tessarin, Marina Janković

Director of Photography (DoP): Mirko Pincelli

Sound Recorditsts. Enrico Tessarin, Arthur Sloman

Writer & Research  Consultant: James Hopkin

PROJECT OUTLINE :’Fishing and fishermen’s conversations’ is, on one level, a personal story of Chiara Bove Makiedo trying to capture the essence of different fishermen whom she has been observing over the last decade, meet the characters her grandparents and descendants knew and find clues as to why we are the way we are through these encounters. On another level it is a look at greed, capitalism and corruption in battle with the preservation and improvement of the identity of the island of Hvar .

Research Teaser/Promo 2011 documentary: Fishermen and Fishermen's Coversation's: Today from chiara bove makiedo on Vimeo. (PLEASE NOTE - this is a teaser put together 10 months ago, and there have been many stories, much research and development since then, so the final product will be somewhat different, but it is more than a good indication of the quality)