Dalmacija Wine Expo 2014 in Split: Full Programme Here

By , 19 Apr 2014, 09:44 AM
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A big week for the Split and Dalmatian wine scene coming up, as Dalmacija Wine Expo takes place for the first time at Radisson Blu.

Here is the full programme. For more information about the expo, why not follow it on Facebook?  

Short Event Overview 2014

Dalmatia Wine Expo 2014 continues to grow at the satisfaction of its clients and visitors. The concept of the Expo has changed this year and the festival has been divided into two key segments: business segment which is to be held on 24 and 25 April 2014 at Radisson Blu Hotel in Split and so-called Wine & Fun days held on 1 and 2 May 2014 on Kacic Square in Makarska, where we have prepared several concerts for you, along with good fun, top wines and delicacies. In these four days, the fifth edition of the festival will once again gather all the leading producers of wine, delicacies and olive oil, along with representatives of top restaurants and hotels, top chefs and esteemed businesspersons, politicians and cultural scene people. With the ever-richer program, special attention will be paid to the business segment of the festival.

SPLIT 24 & 25 APRIL – RADISSON BLU HOTEL (Put Trstenika 19, Split)

Expo hours 11:00 – 19:00

Business visitors
Thursday (24/04/2014): 11:00 – 15:00
Friday (25/04/2014): 11:00 – 15:00

All visitors
Thursday (24/04/2014): 15:00 – 19:00
Friday (25/04/2014): 15:00 – 19:00

Price of one day pass HRK 80.00

Return glass fee HRK 50.00

THURSDAY 24/04/2014

10:00 “Wine School” – WSET presenting the most prestigious wine school in the world.

Workshop description: See why WSET is often referred to as “Oxford” in viticulture and why more than 40,000 students complete one of the licensed courses to earn an internationally acknowledged diploma. Those attending this short educational workshop will feel the difference in WSET methodology for level 1, level 2 and level 3 on a practical example of tasting wine.

Host: Kruno Filipović, WSET Level 3

Price: Free of charge with previous reservations

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel

11.00 Opening ceremony of the 5th Dalmacija Wine Expo

Greeting speech by esteemed speaker and celebratory opening of the central wine and food festival in Dalmatia.

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel lobby

Dalmatia Wine Expo 2014

12:00 Lionel Osmin – good French wines do not always have to be expensive.

Host: Damiens Sartori

Workshop description: Wines from famous appellations in southwest France, such as Cahors, Madiran, Jurançon or Marcillac, offer a much better price to quality ratio than the neighboring Bordeaux. The tasting that is to be held by the head enologist of the winery will present a unique opportunity to taste malbec, tannat, petit manseng and other widespread varieties in their original and authentic French edition.

Wines: The list will be published at a later date.

Price: HRK 75.00

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel

13:30 Potential peak of 2011 vintage plavac wines

Host: Saša Špiranec

Workshop description: Premier tasting of selected best plavac wines from prestigious appellations all over Dalmatia, such as Dingač or Ivan Dolac, for evaluating quality, style and potential for aging of the 2011 vintage. Wines were selected from Korta Katarina, Madirazza, Marlais, Miloš, Rizman, Rozić, Saints Hills, Skaramuča, Stina, Tomić, Vicelić, Vujnović, Zlatan Plenković, Carić and Crvik wine cellars.

Wines: The list will be published at a later date.

Price: HRK 125.00

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel

15:00 New Macedonia

Host: Ivana Simjanovska

Workshop description: Macedonia is often perceived solely as the land of cheap and mass produced wines, but its most important region of Tikveš hides some of the true and yet undiscovered gems of modern enology that can hold their own in comparison to the prestigious labels of the most acclaimed wine regions. See which are the wines that take pride in numerous acknowledgments, such as Decanter gold or the title of the best wine in the Balkans, and what is their quality and market potential. The workshop is held by the leading Macedonian wine critic and author Ivana Simjanovska.

Wines: The list will be published at a later date.

Price: HRK 75.00

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel

16:30 Export challenges. How to turn vision into profit?

Host: Marie Von Ahm

Workshop description: The owner of a renowned company VonAhm Ltd., which represents the interests of numerous established European wine houses in export markets such as US, Hong Kong, China and Nordic European countries, will answer very current questions of winemakers in a very practical lecture. Where can I sell my wine? Which countries will like the style of my wines and my philosophy the most? Where will I achieve the best prices? How can I make sure I am paid? Which countries will be the best for exporting Croatian wines? How much time is necessary for return on investment in target market? How does one start and how do you make sure the effort pays off?

Lecture will be held in English.

Price: HRK 250.00

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel

18:00 Extra virgin olive oil – truth and misconceptions.

Host: Dr. sc. Mirella Žanetić

Organizer: Rizman wines and olive oil.

Workshop description: Break the most common misconceptions regarding extra virgin olive oil in an extremely interesting educational workshop; discover its value, ideal application and many other details.

Price of admission: free of charge with previous reservations

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel


Five top chefs and five top Split restaurants. Top gastronomy at affordable prices. Event that was extremely successful each year and had many satisfied participants and visitors.

Split restaurants and chefs:

 Restaurant Kadena - Braco Sanjin and Tomislav Nikšić

 Restaurant Adriatic – guest Zdavko Tomšić, chef of Draga di Lovran

 Restaurant Zinfandel - Robert Predrag Žmire and Deniz Zembo

 Restaurant of the Radisson Blu Hotel: Cristian Marino and Andrej Barbieri

 Zrno soli: guest restaurant Baltazar

FRIDAY 25/04/2014


Innovative wine grading “Perfect Match” yielded excellent reactions in wine circles and will be one of the most attractive events this year as well. The hosts of Dalmatian restaurants and media representatives will grade wines by matching them with the usual Dalmatian gastronomic offer.

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel

13:30 White Dalmatia – the peak of white wine production in Dalmatia.

Host: Saša Špiranec

Workshop description: Dalmatia offers a far greater diversity of white wines than red. Ranging from light and airy kujundžuša to massive oak aged pošip there is a whole number of varieties and different styles that meet the finest gastronomic demands. You will be able to taste the selection of the best representatives of individual varieties or vineyards in this interactive educational workshop.

Wines: The list will be published at a later date.

Price: HRK 100.00

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel

15:00 Sneak peak of cult cellars. What have our national wine stars prepared for the upcoming months?

Host: Darko Baretić

Workshop description: Unique workshop with a sneak peak of the future where you will be able to taste some of the most prestigious Croatian labels in their final stages before hitting the market.

Guided tasting of cult wines from Benvenuti, Bibić, Boškinac, Clai, Coronica, Korak, Krauthaker and Tomac wineries.

Wines: The list will be published at a later date.

Price: HRK 125.00

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel

16:30 US market from the perspective of an American consumer.

Hosts: Michael Newsome and Eric Danch

Workshop description: Representatives of the Blue Danube Wine company, the leading importer of Croatian wines into US, will present the American market potentials, habits of typical wine consumer, price ranges in which wine actually sells, types of wine with the best chance for success and many more useful advices based on their many years of experience in working with wine and working the American market..

Price: HRK 100.00

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel

18:00 Wine for “fjaka” (Dalmatian relaxation).

Hosts: Morana Zibar, Goran Zgrablić, Lada Radin, Zlatko Gall

Workshop description: The phenomenon of “fjaka” is a part of Dalmatian identity, it is written in the genetic code of every true person from Dalmatia and wider. Although this state is described as pure passive time and striving for nothing, a glass of wine cannot do harm. However, one should know how to select Dalmatian wine that deepens “fjaka”, and favorites will be presented with suitable music backdrop, small bites and their own perspective of “fjakizam” by “furešti” (outsiders) Lada Radin, Goran Zgrablić and Morana Zibar from the collective Taste of Croatia and local expert Zlatko Gall.

Wines: The list will be published at a later date.

Price: HRK 100.00

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel

21:00 “WINE PARTY” – powered by Radio Dalmacija

Organized at the swimming pool of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Wine Party will once again be the perfect place to relax, while providing great opportunity to strengthen the existing and make new friendships and business partnerships.