Escape the Crowds: A Walk Along the New Western Riva

By , 18 Aug 2013, 09:11 AM
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It always seemed so far away...

Arriving by ferry or catamaran to Split, the joys of the palace are on one's doorstep, and there are so many temptations that the thought of wandering further afield, especially in this heat, is not a tempting option. And yet I have been curious to see how things are on the new stretch of riva to the marina since its grand opening. After another early start, Split at 07:45 was bearable for this Englishman, and I set off slong the waterfront.  

The first surprise was how close it was, about 3-4 minutes from the catamaran, so pretty close and now that I have removed that mental block, the joys of the new riva were accessible to me. As one would expect for such a new venture, the new riva is very clean and spacious. 

So spacious in fact that it was hard to believe that the heart of a bustling tourist city was just 400m away. There were very few people - presumably the locals all have their favourite established haunts for morning coffee - and for a picturesque place away from the crowds a short walk from the centre, I can think of few better options. I dipped into F Marine for my early morning refreshment, which was very pleasant indeed.  

There were plenty of facilities for the yachting community, plenty of refuelling spots. 

And many of the plants are still very young, once fully grown, the area should be even nicer.  

Some nice touches in the landscaping.  

And the views of the palace, marina and open sea are pretty fantastic. Getting away from the palace also gives one a different perspective of Split. Overall, a nice combination of design, views, space and some very nice spots for boat spotting over a drink or two. So get over the mental barrier that it seems so far away and experience the Split waterfront from a different angle.