Your Guide to the Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Croatia

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Your Guide to the Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Croatia Source: Pixabay

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When thinking of Croatian fare, the first thing that usually comes to mind is most likely that perfectly cooked lamb on a spit, čevapčići, grilled fish drenched in garlic and olive oil, or simply anything but vegetarian. Over the last few years, vegetarian restaurants with vegan and gluten-free perks have found their way across the country, and you’ll be surprised when we tell you that this list names just a part of what Croatia has to offer.

Here’s a look at some of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Croatia. And yes, you will be hungry after reading this article...


Zrno Bio Bistro: Zrno Bio Bistro was the first 100% organic vegan restaurant in Croatia. In their offer, you can expect seasonal, fresh, local, and organic fruits and vegetables from their eco-farm “Zrno” which is located 55 kilometers east of Zagreb, in a small village called Habjanovac. Menu items include everything from sweet potato fries to miso and sesame soup, and you can even find veggie takes on classic dishes like Cordon bleu (seitan Cordon bleu, anyone?) or warm kayu sandwiches. Zrno Bio Bistro is located at Medulićeva 20 in Zagreb.

Vegehop: Vegehop is a vegetarian restaurant that combines ecological whole grains, pulses, vegetables and nutrient-rich ingredients made by top quality chefs. In their offer you can find moussaka, lasagna, pastas, and fresh salads created with burger, millet, quinoa, tofu, tempeh, and seitan, amongst many others. Some noteworthy menu items include vegetable rolls with mung sprouts, grilled polenta with rosemary, and broccoli topped with an almond sauce. You can find Vegehop located at Vlaška 1 in Zagreb. 

Green Point: Green Point is the first restaurant of its kind in Zagreb, giving a healthy alternative to fast food restaurants. Three main ingredients are used at Green Point, and they include seitan, tofu, and hemp flour. Focusing on “meat replacement”, Green Point’s offer boasts seitan or hemp cheeseburgers, tofu sandwiches, falafels and even Thai wok dishes - and let’s not forget the many shakes and soya milkshakes you can choose from. Green Point is located at Varšavska 10 in Zagreb.

Green Hut: Green Hut puts an emphasis on healthy food every day, and they even offer take out, delivery, catering, consulting, workshops, training, and the production of healthy foods. Here you can find menu items that include fried pancakes stuffed with wok veggies and a cashew nut cream, creamy risotto with zucchini, and jasmine rice with creamy tofu in a peanut sauce. Green Hut is located on Zelinska utica 7 in Zagreb. 


Makrovega: Makrovega’s goal is to promote a healthy diet (macrobiotics, vegetarianism, veganism), the protection and care of the animals and the environment, and alternative events and activities in the city of Rijeka and the surrounding area. The menu at Makrovega changes daily, and you can find pumpkin stew, risotto with vegetables and dal, polenta with vegetables, and moussaka in their offer. Makrovega is located at Matije Gupca 7 in Rijeka. 


Artha: Artha offers vegetarian and vegan cuisine near the city market in Poreč. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee, here you can find menu items that include lasagne from the oven, risotto with mushrooms, cream of beetroot and sweet potato soup, soy medallions, and zucchini tempura. Artha is located at Jože Šurana 10. 


Pikuleca: Pikuleca in Pula is your raw and vegan fast food go-to. Their offer includes “winter rolls” made from rice that are stuffed with vegetables, pomegranates and dressing, raw tortillas stuffed with cheese and vegetables, tortillas filled with avocado and mushrooms, and plenty of raw cakes, fruit and vegetable salads, chia pudding and even raw vegan ice cream. You can find Pikuleca located at Dubrovačke bratovštine 2. 


Apples & Carrots: Apples & Carrots is the place the go in Novalja for high quality, fresh and healthy food. Here you can find everything from gluten-free breads, pastas, and pizzas, gluten-free and vegan crepes, veggie and seitan wraps, falafels, and hummus with dried tomatoes. In addition, Apples & Carrots has a large variety of juices and smoothies for you to choose from. You can find them located at Zrinsko-frankopanska ulica 15 in Novalja.


Art of Raw at The Garden Lounge: Located at the very well-known and popular The Garden Zadar, Art of Raw is a vegan and raw food restaurant specializing in unique menu items you won’t realize are missing meat. Based on last year’s menu, breakfast, lunch, sweets, and bar bites were available to hungry and healthy patrons. Art of Raw’s offer includes chia yogurt, stuffed mushrooms, spaghetti with zucchini, tempeh, veggie empanadas, and even a mushroom mousse. We hear their kale chips are some of the best too. 


Bistro SHE: Bistro SHE newly opened last summer, and it has quickly become the place in Šibenik to go for organic fare. Using locally sourced fruits and vegetables, SHE offers salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and even makes their own homemade bread. SHE patrons particularly enjoyed the gazpacho, pumpkin soup, and black bean burger, and they even do a take on the ever so popular "avocado toast". SHE is located at Zlarinski Prolaz 2 in Šibenik.


Marta’s Veggie Fusion: Brand new to the Split restaurant scene, and a wonderful addition to the already great vegetarian restaurants in Split such as Makrovega and UpCafe, Marta’s has come to town with a new take on vegetarian fare. Menu items such as pumpkin soup, beetroot burgers, sauerkraut and of course everyone’s favorite chia pudding are already making waves. Marta’s is located just around the corner from Peristil on Kresimirova 8.

Stari Grad

Bistro/Bio-Bakery "Porto Culinarium”: Porto Culinarium is a vegan and vegetarian friendly bistro and bio-bakery with gluten-free dishes and sweets. While not everything on the menu here is meat-free, you can choose from wonderful options such as a tofu and sesame salad with oranges, and we hear their homemade gluten-free almond and chia bread is a real winner. Porto Culinarium is located at Trg Velo Podloza 3.


Nishta: Nishta (in Sanskrit spelled “Nishtha”) is a Hindu philosophy that mainly refers to faith, steadiness, and devotion. Phonetically, “nishta” also sounds like the Croatian word “ništa”. But enough with the play on words. This restaurant serves only 100% vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. Owned by a Swiss-Croatian couple, Nishta boasts menu items such as falafels made with chickpeas, curry made with bananas, burritos made with tempeh, and a burger made from barley, beans and smoked seitan. Nishta is located at Prijeko bb in Dubrovnik, but you can also find them in Zagreb at  Masarykova 11/1.

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