Top 5 Hvar: The Best Beaches on Hvar

By paul 01 Mar 2015, 19:42 PM Top 5 Hvar

Where are the best beaches on Hvar?

A new series on Total Hvar starting this month - Top 5 Hvar. After the success of our Top 5 Things to Do on Hvar in 2015, it occurred to me that the modern Internet searcher likes things simple, and so we will be doing a series of articles on the top 5 (in our opinion) of everything on Hvar from best restaurants to shopping and cheap deals. 

We started with one of the most popular topics people are looking for - beaches. We could really put the top 50 for beaches, as Hvar has an amazing range. People tend to be fiercely loyal when it comes to best beaches and so we expect others to come up with totally different lists, but if we have to name just five, these are they, in no particular order:

1. Dubovica

A regular in lists of best beaches in Croatia, Dubovica is one of the iconic photos of Hvar. Located on the south side just before one enters the tunnel to Stari Grad, for many Dubovica is the perfect beach, with its idyllic setting and unique stone house protuding into the sea. Parking is on the main road (come early) followed by a hike down.

More on Dubovica.

2. Lucisca 

Hvar's most heavenly beach for some, and the only beach on the island with reputed procreational powers, according to legend. Why not try it for yourself, along the new road not far from Sveta Nedjelja on the south side.

More on Lucisca here.

3. Kordovon

The Pakleni Islands have so many fabulous beaches and places to lose oneself in sun-seeking natural heaven, but Kordovon, on the other side of naturist island Jerolim gets our vote. Great beach and probably the most chilled bar in Dalmatia - Mare's Place. 

More on Kordovon.

4. Grebisce

Looking for a sandy family beach on Hvar? They do exist, but they are relatively rare. The northern side of the Jelsa harbour is your best bet, and Grebisce is very popular with tourists and locals alike, especially for those looking for early evening sun. 

More on Grebisce.

5. Gdinj Bays

Eastern Hvar is not as popular as its western counterpart, which is good news if you are holidaying anywhere near Gdinj, where some of the island's best beaches are located on the south side. Known as the Gdinj Bays, take your pick from about seven, each with either a bar or restaurant (or both) to serve refreshments as you laze away the day. 

More on Gdinj Bays.

Let us know your top 5, or why not check out the excellent Visit Hvar video below to see if there is a beach not on the list to tempt you. 


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