19 May 2017, 10:05 AM

Incredible footage of Split’s famous city beach Bačvice over the years. 

29 Mar 2017, 11:01 AM

One thing is for certain: We are spoiled here in Split!

31 Jan 2017, 15:12 PM

Around 15 cubic meters of concrete will arrive at Bačvice beach, but there is no reason to panic. 

31 Jul 2016, 19:43 PM

Split Beach Festival will be in its second edition this year, and we have to say it’s one of the coolest things to happen to Bačvice beach. The festival begins this Thursday, August 4 and runs through Saturday, August 6.

12 Jul 2016, 09:44 AM

Split Beach Festival will be returning to Bačvice Beach this August, bringing in artists like Rudimental and LaFiesta Musical. This first Split Beach Festival Warm Up party will happen this week.

23 Jan 2015, 17:51 PM

Recently, we reported about start of the renovation works on one of the oldest and the most beautiful hotels in Split, Hotel Park right off the Bačvice beach. Works are advancing fine in spite of the bad weather, and it seems they will meet announced opening deadline in June. Back in early October 2014, we wrote that "hotel will get 73 new rooms, new annex at the western end of the old building, one completely new floor, and underground garage, swimming pool, now convention center with 250 seats, wellness, and winter garden on hotel's famous terrace. All this should be sufficient to get the 5th star."

Now, it's possible to get a glimpse of what all that will look like. New hotel's website features computer renders of all the facilities new 5-star hotel in Split will have, and it looks good, really good. As we can judge from pictures on the site, rooms, restaurants, bars and conference halls will be very luxurious, and yet functional, but probably the biggest new feature might be a swimming pool on the hotel's terrace, for those who doesn't want to share Bačvice with all the others. Looking forward for the opening, there is a countdown on the Park's web site.


05 Jun 2014, 15:03 PM

Modesty was never one of the virtues of Split, but as long as there is no harm done, who cares. For example, do you know what is picigin (pron. peetseeghin)? It's a simple beach game, where five people are passing small ball to each other, trying to keep it in the air as long as possible, and in the same time making it as hard as possible for their playmates. Ball can't be bought anywhere, the one has to make it by him or herself, usually by peeling tennis ball, and then sand off the rubber until it becomes light enough to hit it.

Simple? Maybe everywhere else, but not in Split. People here believe they invented picigin, and that it's impossible to play it anywhere else but on Bacvice, the city's most popular sandy beach. Not only they believe it, but they also convinced Croatian minstry of culture to protect Bacvice picigin as part of the heritage. You think that's all? For the last ten years, passionate picigin afficionados have their tournament mid June, and call it - what else - Picigin World Championship. There is a little confession I have to make. In 2004, when the first tournament took place, I was working with the then main sponsor, Jutarnji list daily newspaper. As such, I convinced people on Bacvice that tournament should bear this name, with simple explanation. If the best picigin has been played on Bacvice, the winner of Bacvice is the best in the world. Simple as that.

This Saturday, for the tenth time, begins this strange, but popular competition. Announced program is richer than ever, and it seems that main goal is to commemorate all the sports that were ever played on Bacvice. So, there will be matches and short tournaments in sand football, sea rugby, waterpolo, rowing, triathlon, and of course, picigin. World championship qualifying competition is scheduled for June 7 and 8, and finals are on June 14. , More than that, there will be presentation of Mediterranean food, with klapa singers, and this beach will get the Blue flag, sign of the clean sea water and well-kept environment. In short, a week long celebration of Bacvice. Just to forget about that other event close to Copacabana.

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