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Running has really gained momentum in Croatia in the past couple of years, and the capital is no exception. There are various running clubs and crews you can join to take the running experience to a new level and turn it into an amazing time with your friends and fellow runners. You can find more info about running in Croatia, as well as find the latest running events on Run Croatia.


There are numerous places where people in Zagreb like to run if they want to stay away from the crowd, like Jarun and Bundek Lakes, Maksimir Park, Medvednica, and the banks of Sava, but more and more people are starting to appreciate running in the centre of Zagreb as well because running by all the landmarks and seeing the history of Zagreb is a truly unique experience.


Marathons have been held in Zagreb since 1992. The total number of participants has grown from 50 in 1992 to more than 1,600 in 2015, which goes to show just how popular running in Zagreb really is. During the marathon the centre of the city becomes the running track, and it’s one of the fastest marathon tracks in the world, with very few curves and a height difference of just 5 m.


The 26th Zagreb marathon, half-marathon and citizens’ race will be held on October 8, 2017. You can find more information and apply on Zagreb Marathon.

Another popular event is Zagrebački noćni cener, a 10 km night race through the centre, which has become an international event after Zagreb Runners invited Belgrade Urban Running Team to join, which they gladly accepted, and then more international teams joined.


The two teams have organized an impressive 442 km race between Zagreb and Belgrade to spread love between the countries and show, in their own words, that they want to focus on the future full of miles and smiles. Find out more on Crew 442 and watch a video about Zagrebački noćni cener 2016 below:



There’s also an Advent Run in December – in 2016 more than 500 runners from 15 countries participated.


If you want to incorporate running into your vacation, Run Zagreb offers active tours and holidays in Zagreb and Croatia. Their 7-16 km running tours will take you to Maksimir, through green oases, or up and down the stairs in the Upper City. If you want a more relaxed approach, the jogging tours combine running at a slower pace and stopping by the most important monuments to hear a little something about them.


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